A List of Iconic 90s Hairstyles You Should Know



Nothing beats the uniqueness of 90’s hairstyles that made exceptional statements. It featured old money, materialism, and consumerism that strongly made the individual appear bold and confident, along with playful, casual, and stylish. The ’90s defined what hairstyles were, featuring every individual's personality, men or women, and making them stand out. Thanks to the privilege of the internet and television, people were able to take inspiration from the iconic 90’s fashion hairstyles tried by the celebrities of the time. 

In this blog, I’ll do quite the same for you. Let's be honest, none of us can get over the uniqueness of those hairstyles and are trying quite hard to implement them in today’s world. And guess what? I’m here to help you with that. I present to you a list of 90’s iconic hairstyles that will take you back in time and allow you to experience that majestic era. 

Iconic 90’s Hairstyles You Would Love to Know About 

Explore the splendid era of the 90’s hairstyles with me and be ready to slay it. 

Pixie Cut 

Pixie Cut hair styles

Our icons back then mastered the art of chic looks. It was in the late 1990s when Winona Ryder first debuted this classic haircut, which is widely considered to be one of the trendiest hairstyles of the 1990s. Fans were undoubtedly enthused and prepared to put that particular hairdo on their "to-do" list as a result of the style, which radiated allure from its very core. Short bangs, short on the back, on the sides, longer on the top and that’s all. The flawless hairstyle. 

The Face-Framing Messy Bun

Hailey Bieber Face-Framing Messy Bun hairstyle

Sounds something similar, right? It was a kiss goodbye to worrying about precisely pinning that hair that fell out of the bun. Thanks to this hairstyle, we can use that to our advantage now. The whole fuzzy look exudes confidence and carefreeness. All it requires for this hairstyle is to style your hair into a bun and take two strands out to give your face the framing. You can add details according to your preference, but make sure to not be precise and keep it a little messy. 

The Rachel

The Rachel haircut

This unique and splendid hairstyle was debuted in 1995 by Aniston in the first season of Friends episode “The One with The Evil Orthodontists”. This hairstyle eventually became her signature hairstyle and an inspiration for the majority. The iconic and casual plus chic hairstyle contains shoulder-length, short hair along with numerous layers, some to the jaw, and others mid-length. Quite eccentric, right? 

Blunt Cut

Blunt Cut hair styles

The super sleek, same ends, straight hairstyle, the blunt cut. This hairstyle captured the minimalist approach towards beauty and exuded confidence. It wasn’t limited to any length, rather required precision and a clean look only with the same length ends. You’re in for a treat, even if you have wavy, or curly hair. It’s a plus point if you have the privilege of a sleek straight cut. 


Pigtails hairstyles

Playful, sometimes stylish, what can I say, just super versatile. It requires dividing hair into two sections, usually on the side of the head. Form a braid and tie it with ribbons or hairbands. It was surely a hairstyle that could exude innocence, style, and trend, all at the same time. I’m sure you’ll remember something from Britney Spears ‘Hit me baby one more time’ or maybe ‘Spice Girls’. They played a huge role in making pigtails a trend, mostly solely in the 90s. 


Crimping hairstyle

Incredibly one-of-a-kind and undeniably iconic, typically designated for the days when one is at their most valuable and is slay-ready. The key is, ‘should be done right’. The flawlessness of this look is a direct result of the volume that this hairstyle offers, as well as its versatility and trendiness. This hairstyle became one of the most iconic ones of the 1990s as a result of its appearances on runways, in television series, and movies. This expanded its audience beyond streets and celebrities.

Half-Up Half-Down

Half-Up Half-Down hairstyle

The mentioned hairstyle perfectly portrayed the era's mix of casual, laid-back, and polished looks. It was characterized by tying half of your upper hair up and letting the rest flow down, making the hairstyle eye-catching and seamlessly beautiful. Not to mention that this hairstyle had quite a lot of celebrity, TV shows, and movie influence. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, and Gwen Stefani were often spotted slaying this hairstyle. And of course, characters like Rachel Green from "Friends" and Cher Horowitz from "Clueless" showcased this hairstyle, contributing to its popularity among viewers, we can't forget that, can we? This hairstyle is super versatile and can be worn both stylishly and gorgeously. Want a chic vibe? Check.


All of these hairstyles are some of the iconic ones that I mentioned and are known to be timeless and versatile. I believe that the 90s was an iconic era with iconic hairstyles, I can’t help myself not saying that word because it’s the truth. These hairstyles should be known by everyone, as they could help them in times when you have to get ready and look casually or elegantly chic. So, congrats if you’re reading this, you know the secret! 

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