Top 9 Best-Dressed Celebrities Looks at VMAs 2023 Red Carpet



Never imagined there will come a time when superstars can not only show off their musical talents but also their incredible sense of style. Thanks to the Video Music Awards for providing this platform to the celebrities we admire and adore. Superstars with their stunning outfits set the fashion world on fire and left fans in awe. Since, you can’t get over the excitement so now you are going to get a glimpse of what all of your favorite celebrities have worn to the VMA 2023. With this you will be able to draw ideas for your own unforgettable attire from those you see here.

9 Most Stunning Celebrity Outfits from the 2023 Video Music Awards Red Carpet

1.    Taylor Swift Giving Confidence and Glamour 

Taylor Swift at VMAs 2023

Have you listened to the superstar Taylor Swift songs? I bet everybody has because this girl has been giving the best songs ever to the young generation from years and has no plan to stop. At VMA, Taylor swift was spotted wearing Versace, giving the perfect confident girl vibes and flaunting her legs in this black dress with a huge split down the centre of the skirt. She has a personality that automatically gives off the glamorous vibes as you see her in any event. 

2.    Selena Gomez in Oscar de la Renta

Selena Gomez at VMAs 2023

Oscar de la Renta certainly did well for Selena Gomez. In spite of floral's negative connotations, Selena Gomez proved that it can be a stunning red carpet choice. Her red flowered dress hung off of her like a tangle of vines. The tiny dress's single vines added a touch of edge to the otherwise sensual and glamorous outfit.

3.    Demi Lovato Giving Bold and Edgy

Demi Lovato at VMAs 2023

Demi Lovato grabbed all the attention on the red carpet as she wore an all-black leather suit with giant shoulder pads and a black hairstyle. The amazing leather jacket and matching leather top were both made of leather, and they looked amazing with the silver earrings and flowy black skirt. Additionally, she exuded a sense of strength, edge, and elegance through the mix of her sleek hairstyle and her bold, smoky eye makeup. 

4.    Nicki Minaj: Pink Barbie at The VMA Awards

Nicki Minaj at VMAs 2023

Nicki Minaj wowed in a lingerie-like bridal gown with a headpiece and long lace at the Video Music Awards. The top and bottom of her corset were a matching shade in pale pink lace, elevating everything about her outfit to a new level. Miss Nicki radiated confidence and glitz on the red carpet in her diamond jewelry and pink glitter eye shadow.

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5.    Olivia Rodrigo Dazzling the Crowd

Olivia Rodrigo at VMAs 2023

Olivia Rodrigo made an entrance on the red carpet wearing a one-of-a-kind Ludovic de Saint Sernin gown. The floor-length dress with more than 150,000 Swarovski crystals and a cutout in the back gave her an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

6.    Ice Spice in Iconic Lace

Ice Spice at VMAs 2023

Ice Spice, who was also up for the award for Best New Artist and was hosting this year's Video Music Awards, wowed the audience in attendance. Also, she put her own spin on Britney Spears' signature white lace look by wearing a bodice-style top and little skirt with long silver necklaces and silver heels to match. Her upper body, including her arms and legs, was covered in white lace, which gave her an angelic appearance overall.

7.    Cardi B: Innovation of Iconic Fashion

Cardi B at VMAs 2023

Cardi B has always stunned the fans by wearing bold dresses that brings out the beauty of her curves. Just like she didn’t surprise anyone by wearing a bold handmade outfit by Dilara Findikoglu. The creativity shown in the dress is what we should actually praise about the designer and the way Cardi B carried was amazing too. The dress is actually made up of silver hair clips stitched together. Cardi B proved at VMA 2023 that she is a queen and her status was fixed by this look. 

8.    Megan Thee Stallion Dressed to Impress

Megan Thee at VMAs 2023

Megan Thee Stallion looked gorgeous in the floor length transparent corset dress made by Brandon Blackwood. She sparked elegance and enhanced the beauty of the dress by wearing matching accessories with it such as a diamond choker necklace with a bracelet. Her hairstylist chose a sleek pony tail for her that enhanced her overall look and took it to the next level. Megan is living proof that a look with a Hollywood-inspired aesthetic can nonetheless command attention.

9.    Madelyn Cline Bringing Class and Style

Madelyn Cline at VMAs 2023

Star of "Outer Banks" and newcomer to the VMAs Madelyn Cline wore a one-of-a-kind Givenchy gown. The top of the dress is sheer and reveals a corseted top beneath it as it lowers below her belly button. In addition, the sheer skirt gives the impression of a bare dress without revealing too much skin around her legs. Madelyn exuded an extra dose of sexy sophistication because to her peachy-colored unit and a set of simple, exquisite earrings.


You've probably heard about the fantastic fashion show that the Video Music Awards 2023 brought with it, which celebrated diversity and uniqueness. All the stars who showed there wore outrageous gowns, and the impact of those edgy outfits will be hard to erase. They revealed to us that the VMAs are about more than just the music; they are also about the importance of being true to oneself and finding one's own unique style. I felt that Selena looked amazing in the red hot dress with all the embellishments, and Taylor looked stunning in the black slit dress. Its purpose from the beginning, and for as long as it lasts, is to draw attention to the beauty of nature. This year's show was unique in that it offered many different kinds of enticing styles, from flashy elegance to classic beauty.

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