Best Dressed Celebrities on the Emmy Awards Red Carpet



The Emmy Awards Red Carpet is where TV stars wear fantastic outfits. In 2024, they showed off their fabulous clothes. There were sparkly dresses, classic suits, and bright colors.

Let's discuss some of the best-dressed celebs who looked cool that night. Each of them had a unique style that made them look extra fabulous.

So, get ready to see some cool fashion moments from the Emmy Awards Red Carpet in 2024!

●    Meghann Fahy's Beautiful Emmy Outfit

See Meghann Fahy from The Bold Type looking super pretty at the Emmy Awards! She wore this amazing red velvet dress by Giorgio Armani Privé. The dress had a strapless top with a sweet rose design at the neckline. It hugged her body and looked nice.
Meghann added some fancy Bulgari earrings that sparkled but weren't too much. Her makeup was done just right, making her makeup look even more beautiful. And don't forget about her shoes – they matched her dress perfectly!

Meghann Fahy's whole look at the Emmys was fantastic. She knows how to pick great outfits, and this one was a winner. It's cool to see her looking so awesome outside of The Bold Type, too!

Meghann Fahy's Beautiful Emmy Outfit

●    Colman Domingo's Stylish Emmy Look

See Colman Domingo looking fabulous at the Emmy Awards! He wore a fancy black coat from Louis Vuitton. Picture a white shirt, black pants, and boots looking sharp and cool. But there's more!

Colman added some shiny stuff – a pearl necklace, brooch, and bracelet, all from Louis Vuitton. He also wore some fabulous jewelry from REZA and a fancy OMEGA watch. And check out his shoes – black velvet-heeled Christian Louboutin boots with a gold chain.

From top to bottom, Colman Domingo's look was awesome. He knows how to rock the red carpet, showing off his stylish and cool outfit at the Emmy Awards! 

Colman Domingo's Stylish Emmy Look

●    Jessica Chastain's Stunning Emmy Style 

See how great Jessica Chastain looked at the Emmy Awards! She wore this super cool green Gucci dress with fringes that made her stand out. She was all smiles and seemed happy about her nomination.

And guess what? Jessica added some pretty REZA jewelry to make her outfit even fancier—no heavy makeup – just a natural glow that made her look even better. 

She rocked the Emmy red carpet. Everything was perfect - the dress, the jewelry. She certainly knows how to look amazing and stylish at the same time!

Jessica Chastain's Stunning Emmy Style

●    Selena Gomez's Bright Emmy Look

Check out how pretty Selena Gomez was at the Emmy Awards! She wore a super cool dress by Oscar de la Renta with a ton of sparkles – so fancy! Her necklace from Tiffany & Co. had a huge shiny stone, making her look even more special.

Look at her stylish Rene Caovilla Cleo velvet sandals – cool! Selena's Emmy look was all about looking super pretty and smart. From the sparkly dress to the fancy necklace and cool sandals, she was the star of the red carpet.

Selena Gomez's Bright Emmy Look

●    Sarah Snook's Pretty Emmy Look

Look at how nice Sarah Snook was at the Emmy Awards! She wore a pretty Vivienne Westwood gown that looked like a blooming rose – super cute! Her jewelry from Cartier had sparkly diamonds that made her outfit even fancier.

There is no need for fancy shoes; they are simple and nice. Her Emmy style was simple, making her stand out because she looked so pretty and elegant!

Sarah Snook's Pretty Emmy Look

●    Quinta Brunson's Pretty Pink Emmy Style 

Look how pretty Quinta Brunson was at the Emmy Awards! She wore a nice pink Dior Haute Couture dress with a tiny bow belt – super cute! Quinta's shoes, pointy satin Christian Louboutin platform pumps, made her look even fancier.
And check this out – she had two rings and earrings from De Beers that sparkled and made her outfit even more special.

Quinta Brunson's Pretty Pink Emmy Style

●    Taraji's Pretty Purple Outfit

See Taraji P. Henson at the Emmy Awards – she looked beautiful! She wore a lovely purple Atelier Versace gown and honored her film The Color Purple. The dress had a cool slit, and she had on stylish Alexandre Birman sandals.

Taraji's Pretty Purple Outfit

●    Jeremy Allen White's Awesome Emmy Look

Check out Jeremy Allen White at the Emmy Awards – he looked cool! Wearing a simple cream-and-black outfit, he kept it nice and easy. And guess what? He had this classy Vacheron Constantin watch – super fancy!

Imagine Jeremy wearing neat clothes, and that watch makes him look even cooler. He didn't need lots of fancy things – just that cool watch. His style at the Emmys was chill and nice, showing you can look great without doing too much. 

Jeremy Allen White's Awesome Emmy Look

●    Jenna Ortega's Stylish Emmy Presence 

Check out how cool Jenna Ortega looked at the Emmy Awards – she was stylish! She wore this pretty Dior skirt gown that was so elegant and had flowers on it – super nice. The strapless dress had a nice pattern, making her look awesome.

Jenna added some beige shimmery pumps that looked classy. And guess what? She had this necklace that looked a bit old but cool – it made her look even fancier. She didn't wear much makeup but kept it simple and nice. Jenna Ortega looked cool on the red carpet.

Her Emmy style was all about looking great and a bit fancy!

Jenna Ortega's Stylish Emmy Presence

●    Padma Lakshmi's Elegant Emmy Moment 

Look at how pretty Padma Lakshmi was at the Emmy Awards! She wore a special Marchesa gown that made her look nice. The dress had a cool neck and nice details, flowing in a lovely way.

Padma didn't do much with her hair; she just left it open in curls – simple and cool. And guess what? She didn't put on a lot of makeup, just a bit to make her look naturally pretty.

Padma Lakshmi's Elegant Emmy Moment 

●    Claire's Dazzling Details at Emmys 

Look at Claire Danes at the Emmy Awards – she looked really cute! Her dress had a cool criss-cross back with sparkly crystals on the shoulders. It was all about the little details that made her outfit look extra nice.

Claire wore simple jewelry that went well with her dress. Her makeup was light, showing off her natural beauty.

Claire's Dazzling Details at Emmys awards

●    Elizabeth Debicki's Cool Emmy Style

Look at Elizabeth Debicki at the Emmy Awards – she looked cool! She wore a simple Dior dress that had a Gothic vibe. The dress was made of velvet, making it look fancy. It had straps and a cool backless style, and the front had a close-up neckline, making her look super fancy.

Elizabeth Debicki's Cool Emmy Style

●    James Marsden's Dapper Emmy Attire

See James Marsden at the Emmy Awards – he looked cool! Nominated for Jury Duty, he wore a sharp black tuxedo by Canali. The jacket had shiny lapels, and he matched it with straight-leg trousers.

Look at his cool black boots by Christian Louboutin – so stylish! James also wore a sleek OMEGA watch, making him look extra classy. His Emmy style shows that a well-dressed guy with the right accessories can steal the show without fuss.

James Marsden's Dapper Emmy Attire


The Emmy Awards Red Carpet had famous people wearing cool clothes. There were pretty dresses and nice suits. Celebrities looked different and stylish. The event was not just about TV awards but also about fashion. People watched to get ideas for their clothes. The red carpet was like a fancy runway. It was a fun and fashionable night for everyone.

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