The Best Lab-Grown Jewelry Selection For Your Wardrobe



You must have observed that diamond jewelry is getting popular and is worn by many nowadays. The internet and social media are flooded with pictures of women, including engagement and wedding brides, wearing diamonds. Have you ever wondered how is it possible for the masses to wear diamonds, as they are highly expensive and not affordable for many? To your surprise, they are lab-grown diamonds. In case you are unfamiliar with it, let’s move forward and take a closer look at lab-grown jewelry. 

What is Lab-Grown Jewelry?

Diamonds are the only gemstone/jewelry grown artificially in labs, hence known as lab-grown diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds that are formed billions of years below the earth’s surface, lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled lab conditions that mimic the environment and high temperature that exists beneath the earth’s surface. Lab-grown jewelry is created using a tiny diamond seed that is exposed to immense pressure and high temperature (same as beneath the earth’s surface). It develops into carbon atoms that are bonded to form a crystalline structure. Finally, it is cut and polished into different shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence, your lab-grown jewelry is ready now! 

Lab-grown diamond is the same as a natural diamond in terms of hardness and conduction of heat and electricity. Hence, it is considered a real diamond, with only a difference of origin. It does not require harmful and unethical practices of mining, therefore, it is environmentally friendly and relatively less expensive than natural diamonds.

Diamond is a luxury gemstone, which has become affordable for many, due to advancements in technology. So style your lab-grown jewelry with trendy outfits and flaunt your diamonds like the others do, without burdening your pocket. 

Ways to Style Diamonds With Your Outfits 

We will now take a closer look at how you can carry diamonds with outfits and which diamond jewelry will complement a particular type of outfit.

Pair it With A Dress

A diamond necklace with a small pendant and thin chain is best for a dress with a round or V-shaped neck. You can also wear diamond studs or small earrings, or you can wear diamond a tennis-band bracelet and rings. If you are wearing an off-shoulder dress at a party or wedding, then you can wear a heavy diamond necklace with diamond studs and minimal rings. The crux here is to decide where you want to draw attention. 

If you want to flaunt your collarbone then wear a heavy diamond necklace and a small ring on your fingers. If you want to highlight your diamond earrings, then wear dangling, chandelier, or loop diamond earrings most preferably on an off-shoulder dress or one with a deep neck. Then wear large diamond bracelets and small rings. 

Lab Grown Jewellery

You can also add colors, such as yellow diamond or green emeralds and red rubies with diamond jewelry. I would personally suggest wearing diamond jewelry with emerald stone with a plain black long dress for a stunning look, just like Julia Roberts. Moreover, blue diamonds on a plain white or black long dress will look ethereal. If you wish to wear soft and light colors such as light pink, peach, gray, or green, simple diamond jewelry or diamond jewelry with matching color stones will look awe-inspiring.

Avoid wearing heavy diamond necklaces and earrings at the same time, and avoid wearing heavy diamond bracelets, rings, and necklaces simultaneously.   


Pair it With Casual Outfits

There are many ways to pair your diamond jewelry with casual dresses. You can wear a small diamond pendant with a top and pants for an attractive everyday look. To look elegant, wear loop diamond earrings and tennis-band diamond bracelets and rings with a covered neck top and jeans. If you want to steal the show, then small diamond earrings over a sweater, just like Meghan Markle is the right choice. Moreover, a small diamond earring or studs over a turtle neck top is an Amanda Seyfried-inspired look, which is too exclusive and ravishing. 

Women who want to boost their radiance in winter can opt for a turtle neck sweater and wear and tennis-band diamond necklace, heavy ring, and studs. To get endless praise and make a long-lasting impression at your workplace, wear a thin diamond necklace with studs over a suit.  

casual outfit with jewellery

Pair it With A Wedding Dress

A wedding dress without diamond jewelry is incomplete. All the going-to-be winter brides should grab luxurious diamond jewelry pieces to look ravishing on their big day. You don’t have to burden your pockets, just get lab-grown jewelry diamonds and steal the show.

Moving towards carrying diamond jewelry, I would suggest you wear small dangling earrings like Kate Middleton wore at her wedding. It looks elegant and decent, which is why it is my favorite way to carry diamond jewelry. 

If you want to achieve a glamorous and attractive look on your big day, you can wear a heavy diamond necklace that goes around your neck with a deep-neck wedding dress and a small dropping diamond earring. For a jaw-dropping and exclusive look, wear a pair of long chain-like diamond earrings with an off-shoulder wedding dress. 

white wedding dress with jewellery


With unlimited ways to style your lab-grown jewelry, it becomes next to impossible to decide how to carry it. Therefore, we have gathered the best and most appropriate way to style diamond jewelry for a stunning look. The crux here is to avoid cluttering or overboard diamond jewelry pieces. The occasion, dress, and your choice to flaunt the part of your appearance are crucial in styling diamond jewelry. To achieve an ideal and balanced look, wear heavy diamond necklaces and rings only with heavy dangling, loop, or cluster diamond earrings with heavy diamond bracelets.

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