9 Best Money Piece Hair Look Trends That You must Do



The "money piece" hair trend is back and stronger than ever! This quietly bold style, first popularized in the 1990s on celebrities like Gary Halliwell, is back in our regular rotation.

Although the money piece may seem like only the highlights at first glance, there is much more to it than that! Consider adding subtle baby lights to the front of the hairline to further capture this stunning trend. A cluster of colored pieces sits squarely in front of the hairstyle, showcasing your beautiful face and providing a cool contrast to the rest of your tresses. Just picture how beautiful your eyes will look with a splash of color around them!

Benefits of Having Money Piece Hair Look

•    You can save money by highlighting your hair, especially if you're in the middle of a color change. By pre-extending your hair, you can preserve your hair color after you change it. If you decide to go back to highlights when it's time to change your hair color again, you won't need to go through another color change.

•    If you change your hair color frequently, money piece highlights can help you maintain the vibrancy of your color. Money piece highlights will last longer than traditional balayage and ombre hair colors, which fade quickly.

•    Money piece highlights are a great choice if you want to color your hair in a way that looks more natural. Money piece highlights have a more natural look than traditional balayage or ombre hair colors, which often create an unnatural result.

9 Fabulous Money Piece Hair Look Trends You Must Try in 2024

Let's explore the appeal of money piece hair trends and the various ways it can enhance your appearance.

1.    Classic Dark Brown Money Piece Highlights

This highlight style is ideal for those who want to look more put together and confident, as it adds a delicate yet elegant touch to their dark hair. This elegant and contemporary look can be achieved by pairing one or two pieces or subbing it out with balayage. 

Classic Dark Brown Money Piece Highlights

2.    Pink Money Piece

Do you want to try a bold money piece hairstyle? Try a variety in a vibrant color, such as pink. During the summer months, you can play with your style with this on-trend look. The pink money piece offers a wide range of possibilities to express your individuality through your hair, whether you're going for a dramatic and provocative change or a subtle hint of color. 

Pink Money Piece

3.    Red Money Piece

This fall, brighten up your look a bit by applying the red money piece haircut! A red color adorning your face is the perfect way to welcome the warm and inviting feelings of the season. Alternatively, if you are a naturally redheaded, a blonde money piece can enhance your look. This combo gives your locks more depth and dramatic contrast.

Red Money Piece

4.    High-Contrast Money Piece

If you want to stand out but don't want to worry about maintaining a vibrant color, a high-contrast money piece is ideal. To achieve this stunning contrast, you can apply bleach only the front sections of your hair.

High-Contrast Money Piece

5.    Caramel Money Piece

A great way to give chocolate brown hair some personality and dimension is to add caramel money piece. This fashionable hair trend has a subtle blend of warm and cool tones, making it appealing to fans of both classic and edgy styles.

When applied properly, caramel highlights on chocolate brown hair can set you apart from the crowd and give you a stunning look that you'll love for weeks or months. 

Caramel Money Piece

6.    Rainbow Money Piece

Now, if you can't decide between the two, why not mix a penny with rainbow hair? These vibrant strands will brighten up any ensemble and look really fun and cool, especially in summer.

Rainbow Money Piece

7.    Balayage Lob Money Piece

One of the best ways to make your cut stand out is to match money piece hairstyles with your bob! The money piece hair trend looks great with this edgy length, creating a sleek look that screams "cool girl hair".

Balayage Lob Money Piece

8.    Wispy Money Piece

Instagram users are embracing the beautiful wispy mini piece hairstyle for women, which is one of the fashion trends available. It's a great way to update your look without sacrificing style or age. It's the ideal look for any occasion, including outdoor gatherings and date nights. Whether you want your highlights subtle or bright, mini piece hair will always turn heads!

Wispy Money Piece

9.    Light Brown Money Piece 

Wherever you go, your light brown hair and money piece will give you a confident, fashionable vibe. Additionally, keep some bronzer around the face for a simple, yet elegant, natural glow. When you have all these things, people will notice your light brown hair and turn around every time you go out.

Light Brown Money Piece

Wrap Up

Finally, you have a variety of money piece hairstyles to choose from, and you can't go wrong with any of them! So, go ahead and try one of these amazing money piece highlights! You deserve it because, well, you're going to rock a gorgeous, sassy, and head-turning hairstyle. What's not to enjoy, especially with all the attention and compliments you'll get from it? Money piece hairs are here to stay, whether worn for formal events or casually. Try this bold and fashionable look to show your bright side!

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