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Hey curious readers and fashion lovers, Let’s face it we all at some point love red dresses, whether it’s an indoor formal event or an outdoor event, red dresses suit us all. We often wear red dresses to make a bold statement of our personality while keeping the glamour and beauty at the top. Still, there is one thing that makes things complicated for us all and that’s choosing the perfect makeup to complement our personalities according to our red dress. So to make it easy for all of us, I have figured out the 8 best makeup ideas that will suit your red dress and leave a lasting impression wherever you go making a great statement of your personality and fashion sense.

Let’s check these 8 Best Red Dress Makeup Looks That You Want to Apply for a perfect pair of red dress and makeup leaving a bold statement and fantastic personal glow whether it’s a formal indoor event or an outdoor casual hangout with friends.

Some Amazing Red Dress Makeup Looks to Try On

1- Classic Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner:

We all know that sometimes, simplicity suits everyone, and the classic red lips and winged eyeliner have always been the perfect choice for those looking to complement their red dress greatly. The classic combination of red lips and winged eyeliner is a foolproof way to compliment your red dress and to add glamour to your personality, wherever you go, you will always leave a lasting impression and make a bold statement of your personality. 

Classic Red Lips and Winged Eyeliner

2- Smoky Eyes with Neutral Lips:

For casual hangouts in a red dress, the combination of Smokey eyes with neutral lips is the perfect combination ever, it leaves a modern and sultry impression of the person who wears it and with a red dress, it will steal the look away from others. Just choose a warm and earthy tone of eyeshadows and blend them with a Smokey effect, to balance it all, choose a neutral or light pink color for your lips and you are the prettiest person in a red dress now. 

Smoky Eyes with Neutral Lips

3- Golden Goddess Glow:

The classic golden goddess glow is a choice of every fashion lover lady in this world, it is known for suiting your personality and outfit wherever you go, and if you are wearing a red dress, it will make a very bold and fantastic impression of your personality. To achieve this look perfectly, you will need to focus on luminous, gold-hued makeup to create a radiant complexion. Use a gold eyeshadow and a highlighter for an ethereal glow and last but not least, finish the look with a glossy nude lip. 

Golden Goddess Glow

4- Berry Stained Lips and Defined Eyes:

Our lips and eyes are always the main focus on our face, and with a pretty red dress, the eyes and lips are what define our personality, the classic and simple combination of Berry stained lips and defined eyes is the best combo to compliment your red dress in an outdoor or indoor event, it gives away somewhat of romantic vibes and makes a great statement of your personality alongside your red dress. To achieve this combination, you should go for a deep berry lip color and pair it with subtly defined eyes using earthy shadow tones. This combination of berry-stained lips and defined eyes is always a perfect idea for events that are in the evening.

Berry Stained Lips and Defined Eyes

5- Monochromatic Red Glam:

This combination of red glam has always been the favorite of young ladies, whether it’s a prom night, an indoor or outdoor, or a formal or casual event, this makeup idea is a perfect way to compliment your red dress. It leaves a lasting impression and makes a very bold statement of your personality which makes it famous. To achieve this properly, just match your eyeshadow, lipstick, and even blush in varying shades of red for a striking and beautiful appearance leaving room for your glow. You may need a range of red shades in your makeup collection including eyeshadows, lipstick, and blush but believe me, it’s perfect to make heads turn in any event. 

Monochromatic Red Glam

6- Soft Rosy Elegance:

Rose colors are always a plus point with red dresses, they leave a lasting impression and give away a very soft statement of your personality. To achieve this, you will need to create an aura of soft elegance with light pink and rose-gold tones, go for a rosy pink blush, eyeshadow, and a glossy pink lip as this combination is perfect to show your feminine beauty. 

Soft Rosy Elegance

7- Dramatic Cat Eyes and Red Ombre Lips:

The classic 90’s look. Dramatic cat eyes paired with red ombre lips are always the best choice to compliment your red dress. To achieve this, line your eyes with precision, extending into a dramatic wing for added flair, and pair it with a red ombre lip, transitioning from a deep red to a lighter shade towards the center and you will have perfect makeup for the best evening of the month giving away a bold yet beautiful statement of your personality. 

Dramatic Cat Eyes and Red Ombre Lips

8- Copper Smolder with Nude Lips:

Last but not least, the favorite combo of every lady who is looking to have a fantastic evening with their favorite red dress. To achieve this, just combine warm and subtle shades with a copper smolder eyeshadow, and give your lips a nude look. The earthy tones of copper add depth to your eyes giving away your best impression to any gathering. 

Copper Smolder with Nude Lips


So, here we go with my 8 best Red Dress Makeup Looks and ideas that will turn your casual or formal event into a night to be remembered. These makeup looks have always been a perfect way to compliment your red dresses and to leave a lasting impression. Whether you love a classic look or a bold look, all these are a must-try, and practicing these looks will make it easier for you to quickly turn your bad day into a party mood giving away some positive vibes and the best look. I hope you loved the article as these are some of the best picks to complement your evening in a red dress.

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