16 Best Short Stiletto Nail Ideas That You Need To Try



You must have observed that the trend for nail designs keeps on changing with every passing season and year. Since it is a trend and falls in the league of fashion, it is needless to say that it is prone to change. Although the trend for elongated nails with exclusive designs has been prevalent for a long time, short nails have made their way to the fashion league and have finally nailed the trend. Short nails are easy to maintain and carry out daily errands, which is why they have become popular among girls.

There are various nail shapes in the category of short nails, but the edginess and finish of short stiletto nails cannot be ignored. Short stiletto nails provide a perfect canvas for any nail design and look sharp and well-defined due to their pointed tips, which is the reason why they are called ‘Stiletto’ nails. Girls who wish to opt for a nail design that catches everybody’s eye while they scratch their chin or take a sip of water, and revamp their style statement, simultaneously, then go for short stiletto nail designs we will discuss in this article. 

Revamp Your Nail Game With The Following Short Stiletto Nail Designs 

You can take inspiration from the following short stiletto nail designs without looking back. The exquisiteness and charisma of these nail designs are so appealing that you will surely make them a part of your next mani. 

Winter Red 

If you wanna go for a versatile nail design that is a combo of winter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day themes with various patterns and styles, then this one is the right choice for you. It comes with swirls in glitter red nail paint on the tip of some nails, while one of them is covered with red and white swirls, just like a candy cane of Christmas. The other ones have snowflakes, tips covered in red nail paint making a V-shape, and red swirl design with transparent tips. The base of the nails is painted nude and is finished with a top coat. 



Rhinestone Nails 

Many girls search for popular nail designs on Instagram and opt for ones inspired by fashion bloggers and social media influencers. If you also fall in the category, then opt for this one as it is popular and trending on Instagram. The stiletto tips are painted white and the base is covered with nude shades, giving a natural look. The shiny and colourful rhinestones are pasted on the nails and paired with golden twinkle patterns around them to add an extra sparkle. The best part about this nail design is that it is a blend of simplicity and glamour, and looks great on all types of formal and informal occasions. 



Orange And Pink Nails 

Bright and vibrant colours like orange and pink are a perfect choice for the winter season. The short stiletto nails are painted orange with a flush of pink, as you can see in the image below. The nail design is finished with a 3D gold accent added to the centre of each nail. It will do justice to your style if you are looking for a blend of boldness and elegance. You can take inspo from this short stiletto nail design and draw immense attention from your friends and peers around. 



Sage Green Nails 

This stiletto nail design comes with painting your nail tips glitter sage green and leaving the rest of the nail painted with a nude base. This nail design is not difficult to make and if you want to make it at home, then you will need nail gels, a thin nail brush, glitter sage green nail paint, and a top coat. Start by applying nail paint with a nude shade, and then apply the nail paint with a thin nail brush on your tips only. After it gets dry, apply a top coat and finally, you are all set to go. 



Blue Nails With Sequins 

This short stiletto nail design will make you fall in love with the essence of matte blue nail paint. All you have to do is ask your manicurist to paint all your nails with a matte royal blue nail polish and leave one nail blank. Cover the blank nail with sequins and a top coat. This nail design will perfectly complement a blue, white or black dress with minimal embellishments. 



Turquoise With Glitter Accents 

A turquoise nail color paired with silver glitter accents can boost your appearance remarkably. To achieve this nail design, all you have to do is ask your manicurist to paint your nails with a glossy turquoise nail colour and leave one nail blank. Ask her/him to paint the blank nail with glittery silver nail polish, and also add a vertical line with the same nail paint on any nail painted turquoise. This stiletto nail design will complement any dark color dress and is best for weddings and parties. 



Mauve And Maroon Nails 

I really can’t resist my temptation to go for this short stiletto nail design as it is too hot and chic. The glossy mauve nail color looks radiant enough to wear on parties and date nights. Moreover, the glittery maroon nail colors applied on the remaining nail paints add a touch of glamour and make it a perfect to choice to pair with a shimmery and dark-colored dress. I would suggest you opt for this nail design if you wish to wear a black, maroon, burgundy, purple or white dress for any informal occasion and is a perfect choice to impress your crush or significant other. 



Baby Pink Patterns 

Who doesn’t want to opt for a nail design that helps them achieve timeless elegance and sophistication without too much effort? If you agree, then embrace the charm of this unique short stiletto nail design which is a combo of glossy and matte nail color paired with 3D patterns. All you have to do is paint your nails with a glossy nude shade nail polish first. Then, pick a baby pink matte nail paint and make swirls or patterns on your nail with the help of a thin nail brush. The glossy and dark nude shade against the matte pink nail polish makes the pattern more prominent. 



Blue And Silver Nails 

It’s time for you to experiment with an exclusive and dazzling nail design to achieve a stunning look. This short stiletto nail design involves different patterns on each nail. Two nails are covered with dark blue patterns, one is painted dark and light blue, creating an amber effect, and the other is left blank with patterns only. The other two nails are covered with silver 3D patterns made with a thin nail brush. The remaining one is a silver chrome nail which adds to the radiance and uniqueness of this nail design. 



Matte And Chrome Nails 

It is obvious from the name that this short stiletto nail design is a mix and match of matte and chrome nails. However, it is more versatile and extraordinary than you can imagine. The matte nude shade paired with white patterns and floral designs looks decent and cute for a young girl. Moreover, one nail of each hand is covered with chrome silver, adding lustrous shine. The silver sequins added to the remaining nails add glamour and sparkle to the stiletto nails. The combination of matte, chrome and sequins maintains a perfect balance between decency and extravaganza. 



Dark Blue Shimmers 

Dark blue shimmery nail paints paired with different nail designs on each nail are getting popular among ladies and trending on the internet as well. All it requires is dark blue, black, and golden nail colors, and silver and golden glitters. You can apply dark blue nail paint on one finger and top it off with silver glitter. For other nails, you can add golden glitters on the tips of one nail and paint the tip of the other nail with glossy black nail polish. Last but not least is the nail covered with golden nail polish and a leafy design made with dark blue nail polish it. I would suggest you pair this stiletto nail design with a dark-colored, shimmery outfit to add an extra glow to your style. 



Dark Yellow Nails 

Show some courage to embrace the vibrancy and fluorescence of the yellow color. Although the yellow nail color is uncommon in the category of stiletto nails, it looks timelessly ethereal if you wear it fearlessly. This nail design comes with applying matte dark yellow nail paint on all fingernails except the small one. Apply glitters on some of your fingernails and add white beads on any two fingernails, as shown in the picture. For the small fingernail, apply a golden chrome nail color to add an extra sparkle to your short stiletto nails. 



Magenta Stiletto Nails 

Magenta nail color is one of the popular color in nail paints. This charm and allure of a matte magenta nail paint will surely send shivers down your spine. The best part about this nail design is that it helps to achieve a chic and classy look effortlessly. All you need to do is apply matte magenta nail polish on your press-on or acrylic nails. Now add some white/silver beads or rhinestones to your nails. I can assure you that the hypnotic vibe of your magenta stiletto nails will make you stand out in the crowd. 



Caramel With Glitters 

A nail design which is a perfect choice to achieve a sophisticated and sensational look should not be ignored. The glossy caramel nail paint is so exquisite and breath-taking that it seems hard to control our desire. The glitters added on other nails elevate the sparkle and add a striking look to the stiletto nails. I would recommend young girls opt for this nail design in winter as the color is suitable for the season, and pair it with a brown, white, black or any dark-colored dress. 



Lavender Stiletto Nails 

Girls who want to opt for a nail design that is appropriate for casual occasions and carrying out daily errands. The matte lavender nail paint paired with minimal rhinestones on two nails keeps it from looking too simple or too glamorous. You can pair it with a top and jeans, or light-colored outfits to achieve a phenomenal look. You can also apply glossy lavender nail paint on your stiletto nails if you want to add some extra flair to your short stiletto nails. 



Grey With Glitters

Last but not least is this stiletto nail design that will allow you to embrace 50 shades of grey. All you have to do is ask your manicurist to apply a glossy dark grey nail color on your nails. Then give a final touch by applying a transparent slitter nail paint on two nails and leave the remaining ones. It is best to pair this nail design with a dark grey, black or any dress that has embellishments as it will complement the glitters and sparkle on the nails. 




The trend of short stiletto nail design has spread like a storm on the internet and social media. You can mix and match the colors, beads, rhinestones and glitters according to your choice. Since other nail shapes and nail colors seem too repetitive for many females which is why they look for a unique and classy nail design and nail shape on the internet and social media. We hope that this article makes it easy for you to opt for popular nail designs for every formal and informal occasion. 

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