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No offense, but bags are always a burden on my shoulders unless they are easy to carry and at the stylish at the same time just like Designer Handbags. At least for me, it was a challenge to find something else. However, I came across tote bags, and guess what? I not only take one with me for grocery shopping, but also carry one with me while going to the beach, traveling somewhere, and carrying my laptop while leaving for the office.

You are going nowhere if you do not have at least one tote bag in the entire collection of your handbags. The finest tote bags are worth spending your money on because of their versatility and usefulness.

Must-Have Seven Tote Bags Those Are Fashionable And Convenient

E/W Jasper Tote Bag Made In Leather By The Row

E/W Jasper Tote bag made in leather by The Row

Now you can stash all the never-ending essentials you don't leave without in the enormous bucket tote. This high-quality tote bag has plenty of space to carry all your essentials without getting torn apart. The bag is designed out of leather which ensures its longevity and sturdiness. Adjustable straps are present which makes it easier for you to carry on your shoulders. The bag is available at the Row for $3,395.

The Madewell Transport Carryall Tote With Zip-Top

The Madewell Transport Carryall Tote with Zip-top

Are you looking for a bag that is perfect for running errands? This bag with a Zip-top offered by The Madewell is perfect for you. Not only it is easy to carry, but it does not let your items fall off the bag because of the Zip-top. Without any fear, you can carry your essentials such as a laptop, wallet, phone, and notebook. The bag has enough space to hold a large number of your must-haves. This bag features long handles that make it easier to carry even if it is loaded with items. It is available at for $188.

Tote Bag Made In Vida Cotton By Dagne Dover

Tote bag made in Vida cotton by Dagne Dover

I must say, this bag is an All-Rounder! It is an ideal choice for short trips, picnics, and for your office days. There are plenty of compartments and pockets made in this bag to keep you away from the unwanted mess. You can keep everything organized including your water bottle, laptop, and your other essentials. You can hold this bag in your hands with the help of shot handles. And if you find a need to sling it over your shoulder, longer straps are also there. Since it is designed out of cotton, you just need to gently wipe the bag with the cloth soaked in cold water with detergent mixed In case if it ever got dirty. This bag is available at Dagne Dover for $139.

Polka-Dotted Tote Bag By Louis Vuitton

Polka-dotted Tote bag by Louis Vuitton

Nothing can be better than a bag with a design exuding sophistication without being overwhelming. Bag is covered with signature Louis Vuitton’s polka dots design. The lighthearted design gives sense of fun and makes it a wardrobe staple. Along with its design, its lightweight and durability factors also make it an ideal choice. You and get yourself on before it’s too late. Right now it is available at Louis Vuitton for $3,650. 

Large Travel Tote Bag By Naghedi

Large travel tote bag by Naghedi

Who wouldn't love a trendy handwoven tote bag made of a fabric that is water and heat-resistant? I will never miss out on such a chance. This also provides the bag with durability that should be an utmost important quality to be considered. What attracts me the most is the basket weave pattern on this bag that is successfully elevating its style. This bag is available at shopbob for $400. 

Medium-Sized Shopping Bag By Telfar 

Medium-sized shopping bag by Telfar 

What if you get a chance to stock up on a bag that gives a fashion-forward appeal and at the same time is inexpensive? I am sure; you won't take a minute to add it to your cart. This type of medium-sized bag is offered by Telfar in a variety of colors but my favorite one is with black color.  It has crossbody straps as well as short handles so that you can carry it the way you like. Its unique design makes it stand out from the entire collection. It is available at stockX for $271.

Large Cabana Tote Bag By Paravel

Large Cabana tote Bag by Paravel

Slay the weekend getaways by carrying this elegant tote bag by Paravel. Even if you have an overnight stay within or out of the city, you can fill in all the essentials you will need. Believe me; it has enough space to bear the load of all your essentials. It comes in a fun, colorful pattern with stripes. Guess what? It is designed out of stain-resistant fabric so you can wear it without any fear. Personalization option is available which means you can make it uniquely yours. You may have it hand-painted or embroidered. It is available at Tourparavel for $185. 


Accessories like Handbags take your style game to the next level and tote bags are also one of them. You can pair tote bags with casual outfits and can effortlessly make a statement. Tote bags are known for their versatility, adaptability, sustainability, functionality, and style. You can carry all your essentials including a mobile phone, laptop, and water bottle. I prefer tote bags as I can carry them with me for out-of-the-city trips, picnics, grocery shopping, and gym. So you shouldn’t be waiting here anymore. Go and get yourself the one you like.

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