Best Ways To Style Long Length Hair



Looking for some Fancy ways of styling long-hair then you are in the right spot. Long hair creates many options for styling and makes hair care less demanding. From elegant up-dos to fun and flirty beachy waves, you can do a lot with those flowing locks. For any special occasion or just wanting to change the way you look on daily basis, here are some cool tips you can employ using your long hair. Therefore, let us jump in and unravel the ideal ways of styling your lovely length hair.

Listing Down The Best Hairstyles For Long Hair:

  • Rope Braid

The rope braid is an excellent option for styling long-length hair. The rope braid is a variant of braid. It gives off a fascinating appearance. To attain this style, separate your hair into two subdivisions and wind each subdivision in a clockwise manner. Thereafter, twist the sections across each other on the opposite sides and repeat this process until you reach the end. Wrap up the strands using a hair tie, and then its done for good. A fashion rope braid to wear on every occasion! Try that fantastic hairstyle, and you rock.

Rope Braid hair styles

  • Stacked Bobby Pins

Wow to stacked bobby pins! It is a modern and fashionable technique to raise your hair. This can be achieved through collecting a small portion of hair and fixing it using a bobby pin. Next, section off another part of your hair and place it across the first bobby pin, then secure it using another pin. Continue with this procedure, laying down one bobby pin on the other to create a neat and stylish stacked effect. You can do your hair creatively. It’s quite interesting and a fantastic way of making your entrance the best. So, try having fun by styling your long hair with stacked bobby pins.

Stacked Bobby Pins hair styles 

  • Half-Up

Half-up hairstyles are absolutely my favorite. Beautifully styled to show how nice long length hair can be; at the same time, they keep your face open. Begin by sectioning off the top half of your hair and leaving the rest down to create a half-up hairstyle. From here you have several options; some of these include a simple twist, a cute bun, or braids. Use a hair tie or some bobby pins to secure the upper section, and now it is ready! Go ahead and rock that half-up hair style like a boss.

Half-Up hair styles

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  • Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are just perfect for showcasing the beauty of long-length hair and allowing them not to be in your face. Start with the top half of your hair. Section it off and leave the rest down. Thereafter, you select any style that you want, including a simple twist, a bun or even a braid. Use hair tie or bobby pins to secure the top section and voila. You will look stylishly casual that can fit any event. Go on, wear that half-up hairdo with confidence.

Fishtail Braid hair styles

  • Messy Bun

That’s your go-to hairdo on those days when you desire to look like you just rolled out of bed without trying too hard. You can make a messy bun by grabbing all your hair in a high ponytail. Finally, spin the ponytail round itself before gathering it in a bun. Tie down your long hair with a hair tie or some bobby pins. Do not concern yourself with too neat or perfect a design. A messy bun has a relaxed and natural look. You can also remove some strands or make them rougher for an even wilder look. This style of hairstyle is multi-purpose and can be worn to any event. Why don’t you try to get that great untidy bun on your head?

Messy Bun Hair Styles

  • Hippie Braids

They’re just so playful and boho too. Start by dividing the hair into half to form the two parts which are equally in size. Then, pick one part and braid each section from the head to the tips. Repeat the process using the second section. Do not remove the braids when you come out of the bathtub. You can let them stay that way or give them a pulled apart look. Hippie braids are ideal for those days at the music festival, summer days for sure or just every day you feel like being wild. 

Hippie Braids hair Style

  • Fluffy Waves

fluffy waves are absolutely gorgeous! They really bring such a soft and romantic touch to any hairstyle. You can begin by using a heat protection on your hair to create the fluffy waves. Next, apply loose waves using curling iron or a wand. […] Alternate curls in the different directions to achieve a natural look. After curling, lightly comb your fingers through the waves to give it a fluffy finish. There is also a texturizing spray or a light-hold hairspray that should be used to give more body and hold to the waves. This is a nice and easy hairstyle for any time and place! 

Fluffy Waves Hair Styles

  • High Bun

Such a hairstyle suits any festive occasion such as wedding, prom party or any holiday. Start by separating your hair into two equal parts. Take a narrow strand of hair from the outside part of one section, and have it cross to the other section. Start over, moving from one side to the other until you complete all the strands of hair. Tie your braid with a hair tie and gently tug on the strands to give it an unkempt style. It is such a beautiful way to bring some depth and classiness into your half up hairstyle.

High Bun Hair Styles


Above are some of the hottest ways you can style your long length tresses and become the true “hair goddess”. You have endless options when it comes to style, from the super chic and pristine look to the laid-back and hippie aesthetic. You can do many things such as braids and buns, curls and waves, etc. Therefore, go on with your awesome hair, and let everybody see your wonderful style.

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