8 Black And Gold Nail Ideas That Give You Glamorous Look:



Black and gold nail designs provide a great range for creating chic, refined looks. From the shimmer of gold glitter ombre to the style of the gold stripe, from the imagination of gold accent to the modern flair of gold tips, all of these will remark. Not to mention the playful attraction of gold dots, the strong style of metallic gold, or the rich touch of gold stamping and foil. Eight such ideas can present your style in its own way to make the outfit style stand out a bit more with richness and glamour. So, if you want to dress up a little bit or just add a high-impact sort of glaze to your everyday look, black and gold nails are a great way to go about it.

8 Black And Gold Nail Ideas That Offer You Some Incredible Look:

1.    Matte Black And Gold Nails:

Gold and black is a very fancy combination of nails so if you are willing to have something glamorous with the touch of matte then apply jet black nail paint on your 2 mid fingers of your hands and create some abstract lines on with the gold shimmer nail paint. Now, paint the rest of your nails with the shimmer gold fully to have the perfect matte black and gold nails.

Matte Black And Gold Nails

2.    French Tips Black and Gold Nails: 

French tip nails are my personal favorite. They are very attractive and sophisticated to be applied on nails. If you want to have minimal glamor in your manicure then go for this french tips black and gold nails that is very simple to apply. Just put on a transparent base color on your nails to protect your nails, once it is dried, choose the black nail paint for the tips. Carefully apply the black nail color on your tips in a circular shape, creating a clean, curved line. Now, put on a line of gold shimmer nail paint on every nail in between the trasnparent and black color. Let them dry and apply the finisher. 

French Tips Black and Gold Nails

3.    Black and Gold Lines Nails: 

Go for the black base color nail paint and then use a thin brush and a gold nail paint to add some golden lines on them to have the amazing result of this glamorous combination. Just a little touch of gold enhances the beauty of it overall. Let the gold line dry and then apply a clear top coat. 

Black and Gold Lines Nails

4.    Edgy Black and Gold Nails: 

Start with a black base color on all of your nails and then use a thin brush to add some edgy golden lines with the golden nailpaint on the tips of your nails in the shape of your nails. Remember to seal the design with the top coat to make it last longer and add shine to it. 

Edgy Black and Gold Nails

5.    Textured Black and Gold Nails: 

One way to achieve this look is by starting with a black base coat and then adding some texture to your nails. You can use a textured nail polish or create texture by using a sponge or a nail art brush to dab on some black and gold polish in a random pattern. This will give your nails a unique and edgy texture. Once the textured base is dry, you can add gold embellishments. 

Textured Black and Gold Nails 

6.    Stunning Black And Gold Nails:

Black and gold nails are simply stunning! The mixture of these two colors is so graceful as well as alluring at the same time. To achieve this look, you can initiate by painting your nails of three fingers including thumb with a black base coat and the rest with transparent one. Once transparent coat is dry, you can add gold accents using gold nail polish or nail art tools. Complete the overall manicure with a top coat to seal the design and make it last.  

Stunning Black And Gold Nails

7.    Black And Gold Acrylic Nails Combo: 

Black and Golden Acrylic is one of those trendy manicures that last longer than ever. To reach this enchanting look, you can add acrylic transparent on some of your nails and one nail should be whole acrylic black. Now add some gold shimmer on your transparent nail and You can create gold stripes and black hearts to make your nails stand out. To give it a fine finish look, add a transparent coat to your nails. 

Black And Gold Acrylic Nails Combo 

8.    Enchanting Black and Gold Nails:

I legit love the the idea of enchanting black and gold nails with a glimmer of acrylic. It brings out the amazing and creative piece of the design. For this look, you can try a medley of two transparent coated nails with black sprinkles kind of a design that can be drawn with the slightest paint brush and the rest of the nails smudged in a solid black shade. 

Enchanting Black and Gold Nails 


Nails embellished with black and gold are the perfect image of chic and classiness. This dynamic color mixture can make your nails an elegant and luxurious detail to any outfit. If you are heading to a party, or a formal event or just want to add a bit of bling to your everyday look, these eight black and gold nail ideas will definitely spark your imagination. So, don’t hesitate to discover the black and gold nail world and find your perfect glamorous look.

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