6 Stunning black nail art designs for a cheeky look



The new season is about new beginnings and trying new trends. This you can shake things up with bold, chic, subtle, and sophisticated nail designs featuring a black color that best exudes the class. You can bring versatility in designs to bring texture, glamour, elegance, and sparkle to your nails. We have brought six amazing nail design ideas to capture the attention of people around you, to give a cheeky look, and to create a dramatic look.

Ideas for 6 Stunning black nail art designs for a cheeky look

Express yourself in a fun and creative way with these extraordinary nail designs that will level up your nail game.

Black Ombré pattern with flashing glitter

Black Ombré pattern nails with flashing glitter

Bring sparkle to your nails by adding silver and golden glitter over the black nail color. Top them off with a clear coat to seal the design. It is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to soak the sponge in the bottle of black nail paint and start applying it initially on the tips. Once you have painted the tip, thin it off towards the cuticle. This will give a beautiful gradient effect to your nails. You need to repeat the procedure until you have achieved the desired intensity of the color. Apply a clear coat over the nail paint and sprinkle the silver or golden glitter before it gets dry. Now seal the nail design with the second top coat to complete the effect. This design is ideal for those who do not want to deal with the hassle of going to the salon very often.

Contemporary French manicure

Contemporary French manicure nails

Is there any rule book where it is written that every nail cannot have a different design? Definitely no. Then what are you waiting for? Go for the contemporary French manicure named Mod-block French manicure. It is extremely easy to achieve this beautiful and sophisticated nail design. First of all, set the canvas for a Mod-block French manicure by applying one or two layers of any nude base nail paint. Wait for the layers to get completely dry then grab the liner brush and dip it in the edgy black nail paint to incorporate modern blocks on your nails. Within no time you will achieve this modern and chic nail design.

Playful Polka Dots

Playful Polka Dots nails

If you are unable to choose the type of nail design you want, go for the timeless Polka dots nail art pattern. Achieving this style neither requires effort nor plenty of time. You need to paint your nails black and then dot the black-painted nails of varying sizes with the help of the dotting tool. You may give your nails a dash of quirkiness by painting them in stark black and white.

French with Charm

French with Charm nails

It is always interesting to elevate your basic nail design and make them fancier. I think that we should always play around with various styles and patterns to make a fashion statement with our design. We have brought you this captivating nail design that will help you achieve a bold and cheeky look. Set the base of your nails with a clear coat and then apply black nail paint at the tips. Apply the clear coat to seal the design and wait for the nails to get dry. Once the nails have completed the drying process, place the charm gently with the help of tweezers on your nails where you have applied glue. In the end, do not forget to apply the thick gel coat when the glue is completely dry to achieve the desired look.

Elegant Matte and Metallic

Elegant Matte and Metallic

This is the best nail design look to be called simple yet classy. The effortlessly chic nail design can be achieved by applying edgy black polish over the base coat to make your manicure last longer. Add the chrome powder on the black nail paint on the wet nail paint. Wait for nails to get tried then top them off with a protective base to lock the stunning for the long-lasting manicure.

Androgynous manicure with Matte Outline

Androgynous manicure with Matte Outline

If you do not want to go for any design then it would also be a great choice to rock a black color that is itself bold. If you paint your entire nails with black paint, you will still make a daring statement. However, we have come up with another manicure idea that will exude versatility by giving both feminine and masculine looks. How could one achieve it? Well! It is very simple. Set the base with black nail paint and top it off with a clear coat. Apply the glossy top coat with the size 1 liner brush either around the edge or draw any pattern that you want. 


There are many ways to show off your style with black nail art designs, from simple beauty to sparkling nail designs. These 6 beautiful designs show how versatile black can be and how you can use it to make nail art that fits your style and is both cheeky and exciting. Whether you want to make a statement or just have fun with your nails, these designs will give you plenty of ideas to try out different patterns, textures, and techniques.

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