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Brianne Howey is an established actress known for her spectacular performances in films and television shows. Because of her innate personality and undeniable talent, she has acquired a considerable fan base throughout her career.

This article will examine the ten most popular Brianne Howey films and TV episodes, emphasizing her flexibility and ability to bring people to life on screen.

The Passage (2019):


Despite the fact that The Passage only lasted one season, critics commended the show for its performances.

The show, which debuted on Fox in 2019, is a science fiction thriller based on Justin Cronin's trilogy of novels—Brianne Howey plays Shauna Babcock, one of the show's heroines. Shauna was a troubled young woman before becoming a vampire (or "viral," as they are referred to in the series).

Shauna had a difficult upbringing, full of legal issues and physical abuse from her mother, culminating in her death sentence for the self-defense murder of her mother's lover.

Batwoman (2019):


In the hit superhero series "Batwoman" (2019), Brianne Howey made a memorable guest appearance, leaving a lasting impact on the show's fans. Howey portrayed the character Reagan, an intriguing love interest for the titular character. Her portrayal brought a refreshing energy to the series, injecting it with a dash of romance and complexity.

As Reagan, Howey embodied a strong-willed and independent woman who shared a magnetic chemistry with Batwoman. She seamlessly blended vulnerability with resilience, captivating viewers with her layered performance. Howey's ability to convey raw emotions and engage the audience in Reagan's journey made her character stand out in the show.

Through her nuanced portrayal, Howey showcased her versatility as an actress, effortlessly navigating the dynamics of a complex relationship amidst the backdrop of Gotham City. Her presence in "Batwoman" added an exciting new element to the series, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating her every appearance.

Ginny & Georgia (2021):


In the popular Netflix series "Ginny & Georgia" (2021), Brianne Howey delivered a standout performance as Georgia Miller, a charismatic and enigmatic mother. Howey's portrayal of Georgia showcased her ability to embody complex characters with ease.

As Georgia, Howey brought a magnetic presence to the screen, effortlessly navigating the complexities of her character's past and present. Her performance captured the multifaceted nature of Georgia's personality, blending charm, strength, and vulnerability.

The Exorcist (2016):


Brianne Howey's portrayal of Kat Ranch in the TV series "The Exorcist'' demonstrated her versatility as an actress. 

She delivered a compelling performance as a possessed teenager, capturing the fear and torment of her character with intensity and precision.

Twisted (2013-2014):


In the mystery drama series "Twisted" (2013-2014), Brianne Howey delivered a compelling performance as Whitney Taylor, a popular high school student. 

With her natural charm and talent, Howey brought Whitney to life, capturing the essence of a teenager navigating complex relationships and dark secrets.

Her portrayal showcased the complexities of teenage life, highlighting the struggles, insecurities, and desires of her character. Howey's ability to convey both vulnerability and strength made Whitney relatable and engaging for audiences. 

She seamlessly embodied the emotional rollercoaster of Whitney's journey, leaving viewers intrigued and invested in her story.

I Am the Night (2019):


In the short series "I Am the Night," Brianne Howey starred as Claire Collins, a young woman with a strange past. Her portrayal was sophisticated and engrossing, bringing depth to the dark and frightening plot.

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014):


In the comedy film "Horrible Bosses 2" (2014), Brianne Howey showcased her comedic talents in the role of Julia Harris, the new dental assistant. Howey's presence added a delightful touch to the movie, earning her praise for her performance.

As Julia, Howey brought charm and laughter to the screen, infusing her role with wit and seductiveness. Her humorous timing and delivery were spot-on, adding to the film's overall levity and pleasure.

Howey's portrayal of Julia Harris demonstrated her ability to shine in humorous situations, and she left an indelible impact on spectators. Her chemistry with the ensemble cast and ability to provide humor to the scenes made her a memorable component of "Horrible Bosses 2" and showcased her talent as a comedy performer.

Scream Queens (2015-2016):


Brianne Howey played Melanie Dorkus, a popular sorority girl, in the horror-comedy series "Scream Queens" (2015-2016). Howey's performance in the production was memorable, demonstrating her ability to bring humor and charm into her character.

As Melanie, Howey brought to the film a delightful blend of wit and sass, providing memorable one-liners and humorous moments.

Her portrayal captured the essence of a self-absorbed yet entertaining sorority sister, earning her praise from both critics and viewers.

Howey's comedic timing and captivating presence added dynamic energy to the show, complementing the overall tone of the series. Her contribution to "Scream Queens" highlighted her versatility as an actress and further solidified her talent in both comedy and drama genres.

The Middle (2010-2018):


In the long-running sitcom "The Middle" (2010-2018), Brianne Howey made a guest appearance that left a lasting impact. Her role as Whitney was brief but memorable, showcasing her comedic timing and engaging presence.

As Whitney, Howey effortlessly brought humor and warmth to the screen, fitting seamlessly into the quirky world of the show.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017-present):


In the critically acclaimed series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" (2017-present), Brianne Howey made a memorable appearance as Corrine, a fellow comedian. Although her screen time was limited, Howey left a lasting impression on her performance.

Howey added a particular energy and personality to the show as Corrine, instilling her character with a blend of confidence and vulnerability. Her comedic timing and delivery were flawless, adding to the series' overall humor and charm.

While Howey's role in "The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel" was small, her presence was significant, adding to the vast ensemble of skilled players. Her ability to attract people in a limited capacity demonstrates her talent and adaptability as an actress.

Final Words

Brianne Howey has demonstrated her talent and versatility in a variety of roles in films and television shows. Howey's performances have captivated audiences and garnered her a passionate fan base in everything from severe dramas to comedy and thrillers.

Her ability to give her characters depth and sincerity has cemented her status as a skilled actress in the entertainment business.
Brianne Howey continues to dazzle and leave her stamp on the screen with each project she takes on.

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