8 Stunning Bright Winter Makeup Looks To Apply



Makeup is the go-to and must-have for every woman. From teenage girls to older age women, everyone prefers to wear makeup which is in trend at the moment. In the realm of fashion, makeup trends keep changing with every new season. As we have entered the winter season, makeup trends have also transitioned accordingly. With dryness and dullness taking over the winter season, bright makeup looks with a pop of vibrant and neon hues are exactly what we need these days. 

Therefore, to get rid of the gloomy and dreary weather, and toned down skin, we have gathered 8 stunning winter makeup looks that will spice up your look. 

Unleash The Charm And Opulence of a Bright Makeup Look This Winter!! 

The following bright makeup look will revamp your style statement. They are so erotic and sensual that one can’t resist their desire to try out the bright makeup look. 

Radiant Blue 

Blue eye shadows seem to dominate every makeup look including bright makeup looks as well. Blue eye shadows are festive and radiant which is why it is preferred by women to wear for a bright makeup look. To achieve this makeup look, apply light or sky blue eye shadow on your upper and lower lids, making a wing shape at the corners of your eyes, like cat-eye makeup. Pair it with a bright or rustic orange, or a bright lipstick. 

Radiant Blue makeup looks

Lustrous Green 

In the league of bright makeup looks, green eye shadows seem to be ahead of all other makeup looks. You can make variations to this makeup look. If you want to go for a vivid and dazzling look, opt for a neon green eye shadow and pair it with a pop of soft pink or peach blush-on and orange, pink, or red lipstick. To give a smoky touch to this makeup, you can apply a glittery dark green eye shadow and blend it with a glittery black one.

Lustrous Green makeup looks

Neon Purple 

Neon purple eye shadow is getting popular among fashionistas and is a perfect choice for bright makeup. All it needs is a matte or glittery neon purple, pink, and silver eye shadow. Apply purple eye shadow at your upper and lower eyelids, then blend it with pink eye shadow and add a final touch with silver eye shadow at the inner corner of the eyes. For lipstick, go for any nude or pastel shade. I would suggest you apply a peach or brown lipstick for a radiant look. 

Neon Purple makeup looks

Charming Pink 

Pink is every girl’s favorite including me as well. Grab onto a glittery or matte neon pink eye shadow and black eyeliner. Apply the pink eye shadow at the upper eyelids (lower eyelids are optional) blend it with a similar or contrasting shade and then apply the black eyeliner. Complete the look with a light brown or nude lipstick. 

Charming Pink makeup looks

Autumnal Orange

Add a pop of bright orange this winter and rid of the dullness. To start with the makeup look, apply a base that matches your skin tone first, then apply a foundation that is darker than the base you have applied, on the edges of your face and sides of your nose for contouring. Take a matte or shimmery bright orange eye-shadow and apply it to your upper eyelids. You can pair it with a yellow eye shadow at the inner corners or a dark brown eye shadow at the brow bone and outer corner of your eyes. Finish the look with orange lipstick black eyeliner and mascara.

Autumnal Orange

Striking Red 

Embrace the allure of red this winter. This makeup look with a flicker of red is sure to mesmerize people with your glowing look. A glittery red eye shadow, red lipstick, and a pop of light brown or nude blush-on will get you the desired look. If you wish to draw attention towards your glowing eyes, apply black eyeliner in a winged shape and you are all set to you. From parties, weddings, dates, or a night out with friends, the charm of red will surely get you endless praise. 

Striking Red 

Sunshine Yellow

A spark of yellow is what we need in the absence of sunshine. To attain the sunshine look, use a matte or shimmery yellow eye shadow and black mascara and apply it to your eyes. Then add a touch of a light brown or a nude blush-on. For lipstick, go for a bright or a rustic orange, or a pastel brown lipstick for a balanced look. This sun-kissed makeup look is exclusive enough to make you stand out in the crowd. 

Sunshine Yellow makeup look  

Rainbow Eyes

This is one of the most exclusive and trending bright makeup looks for winter this year. The luminescence of rainbow colors looks so dazzling and awe-inspiring that your heart will skip a beat! It is a versatile makeup look, therefore, you can do it any way you like. Take a matte or a glittery eye shadow of red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple color, and start applying each color from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. Apply lipstick of any shade that matches any one shade of your eye shadow. 

Rainbow Eyes makeup looks


Bright makeup looks so exotic, sensual, and hypnotic that it seems difficult to control our desires. Winter is a dull season with minimal sunshine with dry and dark skin tone, one should go for a bright makeup look. Since it is a versatile makeup look, you can later it any way you like, but don’t forget to make your eyes stand out with the vivid and dazzling eye-shadows. 

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