Best Tips to Style a Butterfly Cut on Short Hair



We're definitely not mad that the butterfly cut has become so popular. It seems only fair to assume that the buzz surrounding this cut for medium-to long length hair also applies to shorter hair. Our ultimate goal would be to give our short-haired girls the same voluminous, layered, and fashionable look that it gives the medium-to-long haired ones.

We've all heard that when styled correctly, short hair can completely transform one's appearance, and the butterfly short haircut is no exception, only much simpler to maintain. We're happy to provide something that will, despite the flood of lobs, bobs, etc., make you feel captivated and confident in your short hair without requiring you to spend hours styling it. Learn how to properly care for and style your new short butterfly cut.

Tips to Style the Enchanting Butterfly Haircut on Short Hair


Delve in and get to know some of the best tips for styling your short hair with a butterfly cut.

The Achieving It Part

Firstly, if you’re someone who doesn’t already have a butterfly cut on short hair, take a look at this part first.

You want to keep things all fluffy and, of course, airy. The key to working with shorter lengths is thinned-out ends for a butterfly haircut. The butterfly effect is achieved on shorter strands by simply thinning out the ends of the layers to assist in eliminating weight and letting your hair have that fullness in it. We’ll go with the ponytail method to achieve this haircut as smoothly as possible.

•    To start, section your wet hair down the middle and comb it straight back behind the ears. You'll end up with a front and a back section after carrying this out.
•    Smooth the front section of hair with the help of a comb, draw it to the center of your forehead, and tie it up. You are not interested in creating an inconsistent look by tugging the hair, so make sure the ponytail is tight to begin with.
•    Style the back portion into a high ponytail with the comb, bringing it near the line drawn before.
•    Cut out a couple of inches while holding the front ponytail tightly. Make sure to follow the ponytail's natural methods when doing so. By tossing your hair over, you may achieve the look of layers while keeping more length than you might expect.
•    After chopping off a few inches from the top, you should flick the rear ponytail somewhat forward and chop off the same amount of hair.
•    For shorter hair, I suggest cutting back over with thin shears around two inches from the ends to help achieve the butterfly cut, as the same layering techniques we see applied to long locks can end up looking more bulky and less light and seamless.

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Guide for Styling Butterfly Cute on Short Hair

•    After wetting your hair, apply a spray or foam to it that will give it more volume.
•    To separate the hair roots from the scalp, you should first roughly dry the top portion of your head.
•    You can make large, carefree blowout waves that are away from your face by using a blow dryer and a rounded brush, or whatever you call a blowout brush attachment. This will require some experimentation.
•    As a final step, use a styling spray evenly across your entire head of hair for increased volume and a more put-together appearance.

Something like this goes undeniably well with the butterfly cut on short hair. Of course, there are countless more ways to style your precious hair cut, but by going with our suggestion, you’ll struggle to find any flaws.


These were some tips on how to style your short butterfly haircut, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how good it would look on you. Be patient when styling it, and let it come into place on its own when you’ve done all that you needed to do. That sounds like life advice to me. Styling your hair can be a fun and exciting process and can for sure take a lot of experimentation; well, that’s where the patient should kick in.

Gladly accept that hairstyling will take you on a trip of self-discovery. Your butterfly cut is far more than just a haircut; it shows a lot about who you are, and that's really the best part about it. Enjoy the process of turning your short hair into a gorgeous butterfly cut that shows off your unique style and personality. Oh, how I love being a woman!

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