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I have been listening about leather bomb jackets for decades and it seems like they are never going back. I still wonder about the first time bomber leather jacket were given the hype. It’s worn by everyone belonging to any profession, be it a pilot, be it any celebrity, or be it any common person walking on the streets. I believe they are still in and if they could make it to even more decades, it will always be because of the class and sophistication these jackets offer. 

Undoubtedly, trends become trends when they are followed by celebrities. Similarly, bomber leather jackets caught the spotlight when legendary stars were spotted wearing them. Let’s figure out those celebrities who made these jackets a stylish staple and a must-have piece in your wardrobe.

Celebrities who were seen exuding class and style by wearing leather bomber jacket

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis from Top Gun (1986) 

The star of “Mission Impossible” none other than Tom Cruise has played a significant role in bringing leather bomber jackets to people's attention. He is known to be a legendary actor since the 1980s and executed it amazingly with his on-point fashion choices. Tom Cruise was first seen wearing a leather bomber jacket in his film known as "Top Gun". This jacket highlighted his charming appearance which played a huge role in the popularity of leather bomber jackets. 

You might be wondering what Tom Cruise's leather bomber jacket was like. It was black and had details like ribbed cuffs and a waistband. It is difficult to conclude whether the sophisticated and stylish appearance of Tom made this jacket a fashion staple or the class that these jackets would exude. I am leaving it to you to decide. 

Ryan Gosling 

Ryan Gosling Wearing White Leather Jacket In Movie Drive (2011)

It was very smart of Ryan Gosling to wear a bomber leather jacket in his film "Drive". The fashion industry believes when it comes to style, Ryan Gosling is unbeatable. Now, I believe it too after I have seen him wearing it. The subtle yet edgy design of the leather bomber jacket proved to be a game changer for his role as a getaway driver in his movie. 

Although his jacket was without pockets and other special details except for ribbed cuffs and ribbed collar, still it successfully gave rise to a new trend in the time-honored staple.

Gosling's jacket is a perfect combination of glamour and minimalist modernism plays a significant role in the bomber jacket's ongoing popularity.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner Wearing Leather Jacket in Bourne Legacy

If we do not include Jeremy Renner, we will be doing no justice to the timeless leather bomber jacket. Do you remember the series "The Bourne Legacy"? In 2012, male bikers were seen all over wearing a leather jacket after Jeremy Renner was seen wearing it in his series. It gave Bourne a huge win along with making a bomber jacket a famous piece of clothing for years. It won’t be wrong to admit that Jeremy Renner is the pioneer in introducing the trend of biker’s leather bomber jacket. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wearing Leather Jacker In Terminator

The Terminator came out in 1984 and is one of the most popular movies ever. You don't have to wait long to figure out when a character is wearing a classic piece of clothing. He makes a stylish appearance with a black leather jacket with the word "hero" written all over it. This look was perfect enough to introduce the human-machine hybrid role that Arnold Schwarzenegger played in this movie. 

Since then, the popularity of leather bomber jackets took another interesting twist. it is believed that people chose to wear his jacket because it reminds them of his steady personality. However, Mr Schwarzenegger's threatening look is unforgettable which he gave by wearing a pair of black sunglasses which complimented the black leather jacket.

Kanye West

Kanye West and Julia Fox Wearing Leather Jackets in Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West's appeared with a daring style in the music video for "Stronger". The bold look created by the actor in this music became the turning point for the video and its star who is none other than Kanye West. After this, the traditional style of bomber jackets got updated when contemporary touch was given to them with Balmain's design. The bold and eye-catching silver leather bomber jacket suited him well and matches the bomber jacket trend of today.


We can't thank enough celebrities like Tom Cruise, Ryan Gosling, Jeremy Renner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kanye West for introducing leather bomber jackets to the fashion world. How about buying leather jackets of your own to recreate a look of your favorite celebrity? Not a bad idea at all. A bomber jacket is a timeless piece of clothing that you must add to your wardrobe as it is never going to go out of style.

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