Do You Get Longer Eyelashes From Crying? Is it helpful?



I believe that whatever nature has provided us with brings us immense benefits that are beyond our imagination. Even the tiniest details and things hold so much value that humans fail to see with their naked eyes. Let me provide you with the simplest example. How do trees, plants, and flowers come into existence? Obviously, by microscopic pollen grain undergoes several processes and grows into a stunning flower that radiates beauty.

If a microscopic pollen grain transforms into a stunning flower, is it possible that even the smallest tear can help your lashes grow longer? Well! Countless beauty myths float about, but this one is unique and intriguing. Join hands with me to delve deep into this topic and gather valuable insights to reach a conclusion that satisfies our curiosity.

The emotional and physical benefits you get after a good weep

Sometimes in life, you need nothing but a good cry to let your emotions out and feel more relaxed and calm. Crying serves as medicine provided by nature that lets our body release stress and emotions. It improves our mood with the release of the endorphins hormone that makes us feel better emotionally as well as physically.  

Additionally, it reduces inflammation and puffiness around the eyes. Your blood circulation increases and a natural blush appears on your cheeks and nose. So your skin glowing brighter and more radiant when it gets nourishment with the proper blood flow.

What happens to your lashes when you cry?

girl crying

Tears make our lashes appear more voluminous and lustrous as tears contain natural oils, proteins, fatty lipids, and other nutrients. They wipe away all the dirt from within your eyes and are also stacked on your lashes. However, do they help lashes grow? Well! We may wish it was true, and as much as it pains me to be the bearer of this news which says “Tears do not cause help your lashes grow longer, and it’s not scientifically proven yet”.

However, many lash growth serums help people achieve longer and fuller lashes. But how do serums work? They do so by elongating the growth phase when the lashes undergo the cyclic growth pattern. Another way that is also very common to achieve bigger eyelashes is eyelash extensions. The beauty experts use tweezers to adhere each extension to your natural lash by dipping it in the lash glue.  

Go easy on your eyelashes

In my opinion, lashes also require extensive care just like your face and skin needs. They act as a barrier against dirt, dust, and other debris, and most importantly they enhance our natural beauty. While applying makeup, we coat our eyelashes with waterproof mascara, in the worst scenario, we apply a thick layer. First of all, try to apply a thin layer of mascara but try not to use waterproof mascaras as your lashes fall out when you try to wash the mascara.

Another preventative measure is not to use a lash curler excessively. The lash curler can put excessive pressure on the lashes and cause them to become brittle over time. Avoid using fake eyelashes, as the glue we use to attach them can cause significant damage to your lashes.

You can also use coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel, as they contain natural oils that do not let your lashes become brittle and vulnerable to damage.
Combing your hair increases blood circulation and helps make them smooth and silky. Similarly, your lashes need to be brushed regularly, which helps in the distribution of natural oils to lashes.


It's not true that sobbing causes your eyelashes to grow longer. It temporarily helps in improving the look of your eyebrows by making them hydrated and voluminous but does not affect their length and development rate. The growth and length of eyelashes are predetermined by your genetics and the growth cycle that lashes undergo. Remember, the length of your eyelashes does not define your beauty; embrace and care for them as they are!

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