Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines For Stylitica

Core Principles

The entire web content created and published at Stylitica is a result of complying with the following core principles.

Prioritizing Readers And Visitors

Each and every piece of content is a publicized website to let our audiences feel motivated and inspired in today’s beauty world. The prime inspiration behind our stories depends on our reader’s feedback and the finest beauty product trends in the market. Also, we stay tuned to the latest ingredient discoveries and popular beauty breakthroughs all over the industry. Feel free to drop us a note at editors.stylitica@gmail.com

Satisfaction At The Top

Every step of the beauty world is filled with spicy details, attractive headlines, and interesting information. However, we only focus on the useful and necessary to provide information. According to our writers, an attractive title makes the right seal only if its content is satisfying enough for the readers. 

Unlike our competitors, we do not intend to cover every minor piece of information related to beauty and wellness. Producing headlines that under-deliver information is less likely to bring loyal visitors. Keeping the fat in mind, we only highlight information and content that may help to prioritize our readers. Our prime goal is to let our audiences feel important.

Providing Authentic Information

Any of our readers can completely trust the information that we provide. Our team promises authenticity regarding every detail available on our platform. To make sure of our content, we connect with industry-recognized dermatologists, skin specialists, makeup artists, personal trainers, fitness experts, and beauticians for their advice. 

When writing articles about acne, hair, nails, and skin, our writers try to grab quotes from certified professionals. All our reports and blogs are revised by doctors, dieticians, and other medical specialists.

We have a special team that rectifies and rechecks the content for accuracy, statistics, and facts. Furthermore, the market holds plenty of content that lacks evidence and scientific proof. 

However, it may be beneficial for the readers in different ways. Hence, we try to extract the required and useful information from such content pieces and deliver it to our audiences after rechecking it from qualified resources. Our writers also try to add scientific proof or high-quality citations for reader satisfaction. Stylitica tries its best to help audiences invest their savings in worthwhile products and services.

Team For Fact-Checkers

Practicing journalism ethics is a necessary step for business growth. We keep journalistic integrity in mind while preparing the content of our website. Hence, it may be diversified yet it remains relatable to the world of beauty and wellness. 

When sharing any kind of information, we make sure to cross-check it for facts, figures, and any other statistics. Our company has hired a separate team of professional grade fact checkers who rectify and revise every sentence for accuracy. Also, other articles and reports are according to the latest research and medical shreds of evidence. 

Furthermore, if any of our content does not come from an identified discourse, our writers make sure to cite it for user satisfaction. Additionally, we look for medical proof from studies and journals to help audiences get the right information. Stylitica tries its best to keep audiences from unnecessary expenses related to products and treatments. Our blog website does not use any kind of artificial intelligence tools or other writing tools to produce content. We are a human-oriented and plagiarism-free blog platform.

Rectifying Errors For Accuracy

Stylitica focuses majorly on two prime factors of a blog website – staying up-to-date and providing accurate content. Hence, we make sure to rectify our articles to share the right and authentic information. Also, we try our best to stick to the latest trends and discoveries of the beauty world. 

However, in case any of our readers find a blog or article that requires an update, please let us know. You can easily connect with one of in your most writers Fiona Morgan (email ID).

Covering Every Variety

The beauty industry is extended to different corners of the world. It covers multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and gender identities. We make sure and focus on all such aspects and connect with every individual. Our page tries its best to lift the voices that remain hidden and underrepresented in the crowd. 

By focusing on every variety, we try to include multiple audiences throughout the globe. Adding their roles and ideas to the beauty journey gives a new look to our website. Our team is dedicated to this goal and follows plenty of steps that may lead to an extended platform. Also, we have hired a particular team of writers and reviewers to look through the website for minor details. It helps to understand the thoughts and ideas of all of our audiences and representatives related to the beauty world.

Editing And Ethics On A Page

To grow a blog website the right way, editing and ethics must be handled equally. Stylitica has extended its network by connecting with plenty of PR companies, beauty brands, cosmetic manufacturers, makeup experts, hair artists, and other professional ventures. The resources and links from these individuals help us to provide up-to-date and interesting information. 

By staying on top of the beauty world, we bring in more details about the latest ingredient discoveries, beauty treatments, and makeup products that may become the highlight for many. In the long run, we also remember our ethics and only recommend products that we may consider appropriate. Readers will never find any blog or article related to any services or treatments with adverse effects.

Product Reviews

The prime goal of our website is to provide audiences with accurate and justified information. When talking about any beauty products available on our website, audiences can always be sure of their results. We have hired a particular team of product reviewers who officially test these products to provide minor details about their use. 

Furthermore, we often test a few products ourselves to share honest reviews with our readers. Stylitica does not accept any kind of monetary compensation for any of the reviews that it shares. We do not work for money but benefit of our audiences. The links mentioned in any of our blogs or articles for any products may provide us with any compensation. 

Also, many product manufacturing companies and beauty brands send us their products to share honest reviews. However, they do not provide us with any kind of compensation for a positive review. Whatever we write about a service or a treatment is purely for editorial purposes.

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