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Grunge fashion originated in the mid-1980s. The history of this fashion comes from a very wide history. People who listen to grunge music and follow grunge fashion, formerly called grungers, are known to be popular for their weird looks. The idea of grunge fashion is to wear baggy elements of hippie style with a punk aesthetic. All of this comes under a funky style category. Earlier, grungers used to have a specific appearance. Uncombed hair, multiple piercings, a beanie hat, baggy and sipped clothes were some of the few elements of their personality. 

A lot of these choices are uncool to modern teenagers and now the idea of grunge fashion has been immersed into dark and rebellious aesthetics. The idea of this style came from grunge music which didn’t last long but the fashion choices stayed. In this article, I will share some of the basic yet cool grunge outfit ideas. 

9 Grunge Outfit Ideas That You Must Try: 

1.    Mismatched Prints:

Mismatched Prints

90s fashion is coming back in segregates, and it would be no surprise to see some of the grunge looks back in trend. The idea of aggressive grunge looks might change but the core elements of mismatched prints and flannel shirts remain the same. Play with plaid prints and use the layering technique to make it work. Throw in some punk accessories and bags to make your outfit stand out. The best part of grunge fashion is that it doesn’t demand you to show more skin, so it works best for people who are not confident with their bodies. 

2.    How Much Layer Is Too Much Layer:

How Much Layer Is Too Much Layer

Talking about the core grunge fashion, layering is the most important element in it. It’s the hallmark of grunge style. Choose a plaid dress with bright and funky contrasts. Wear with it some plain jeans of muted tone and top it with a funky shacket. Different color contrasts of bright and muted tones work with the vibe of this fashion. 

3.    Combine the Elements:

Combine the Elements

The quintessential way of styling your outfit is to combine it with different clothing pieces. Play with plaid prints, jackets, and bright colors to make your outfit work. This mix-and-match idea works perfectly for people who don’t believe in wearing one boring outfit. Pick a plaid long skirt and style it with blazers and long boots. Use punk scarves and bags to complete the overall look. 

4.    Make Your Pleats Work:

 Make Your Pleats Work

This outfit idea is for those who don’t like to go overboard with their fashion choices. If you are someone who doesn’t believe in loud and bright colors, try aesthetic grunge options. Pleats are the grungiest style one can have. You can opt for pleat skirts and pair it up with any baggy sweatshirt. This works perfectly for people who don’t like to go overboard with their clothes.

5.    Flamboyant Graphics:

Flamboyant Graphics 

One of the major parts of Grunge is to be out loud. People who love to wear graphic and modern styles can pick this choice for their Grunge style. This Graphic tee is one of the modern ensembles that can be styled with ripped jeans or anything that you like. 

6.    Oversized Outfitting:

Oversized Outfitting

People who don’t like to wear fitted clothes can play their Grunge style with oversized attires. Don’t overdo the oversized elements and pick any one element to be oversized. Play with this aesthetic and give the grungey vibes in the best way possible. 

7.    Live The Retro Vibe:

Live The Retro Vibe

Retro vibes are never out of style. You can make your style look a little old school by picking a flannel tunic and wearing it under a varsity jacket. This is a classic ‘90s outfit. You can bring it to modern life by pairing it with long thick boots. This is a perfect glam with a retro grungey vibe type of outfit and looks super aesthetic in pictures. 

8.    Ripped Fashion:

Ripped Fashion

Ripped fashion is not just a Grunge style but it's one of the most popular ways to make your style a Grungey style. Anything from jeans to ripped skirts, you can pick your fit and style it with plain T-shirts. It is known to be the simplest grunge fit ideas. Pair it up with a pair of heels, throw in some accessories and your glam quotient is ready to hail.

9.    Work With Plaids:

Work With Plaids

If there is one safe option for this style, it would be plaid outfits. Plaid skirts, shirts, dresses, long skirts, long coats, etc. can never go wrong. You use the plaid elements and make it work through your styling. This ‘90s culture is worth a try since it never goes out of trend. You can also add a modern touch to your staple plaid outfits. 


Grunge fashion is the oldest fashion from the 1980s. People were into this fashion because of its rebel looks, courage and edgy aesthetic. This style was a huge buzz in those times. However, it does make a comeback every now and then during the fall season. In this article I have mentioned some of the best grunge fashion ideas for people to experiment with. From plaid skirts to flannel tunics, ripped jeans to oversized cargo, long pleat skirts to short plaid skirts, everything you like is mentioned above. It varies from person to person and the kind of fashion they enjoy, but it also varies with trends and style. Pick your favorite grunge outfit to slay in your day-to-day life. 

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