Inspiring Halo Eye Makeup Ideas That You Must Do:



Experimenting different eye makeup techniques is itself an art so if you are looking for something incredible ideas then go for the Halo Eye Makeup. Halo eye makeup is one of the trending technique that goes viral time to time. Let me share some way to apply this technique and also some ideas to make it easier for you to go for it. All of these ideas are about lifting your eye makeup to a whole new class and creating amazing looks. No matter whether your preference runs to ethereal gold, romantic rose, bold blue, smoky, or modest nude, there is something for everyone. Rock these aspirational looks, and heads will turn wherever you go. So hold your brushes, let the creativity flow, and let's explore the beautiful realm of Halo Eye Makeup.

Few Tricks to Apply Halo Eye Makeup:

First, get yourself an eyeshadow palette with several shades that complement one another. The key concept of doing a pretty Halo eye makeup is to choose colors that are different from each other. Take, for instance, a light champagne or gold shade paired with a darker brown color or burgundy where the two are painted on the walls in these two graduations. This is how the dramatic halo effect will be created.

Now we turn to the application. In the first place, you need to run a primer over your eyelids to seal in the eyeshadow and allow it last all day. Next, put a shade lighter than the first on the center of your eyelid. That will be the heart of your halo effect.

Then apply a slightly darker shade in the inner and outer corners of your upper eyelid, blending it in to the center. The illusion of depth and richness is given to your eyes. Make sure the shades are joined together in a smooth gradation.

Further the halo effect by applying a shimmery shade to the middle of your eyelid. Bringing focus to the center of your eye will make it appear larger. In the inner corners of your eyes, too, some extra highlighter will also make them stand out.

To top everything off, put some eyeliner on your eyes and mascara on your lashes. And what more could you ask for? And there you have it! A Halo Eye Makeup look that will turn your head wherever you go.

Inspiring Halo Eye Makeup ideas take your eye makeup game to the next level:

1. Ethereal Gold Halo:

To give your look a heavenly touch, begin with shimmering gold in the middle of eyelid. Next use deep brown or bronze shade on outside of upper and lower lids to complete outer squares around center square. The combination of two colors, one from otherworldly bright and the another highlighted by ghost-white light will make your eyes shine like stars and give you a goddess complexion. 

Ethereal Gold Halo Eye Makeup

2. Romantic Rose Halo:

Bring out the Amoroso in you For a blushing affect on your eyelid, apply soft petal shades of pink or rose gold. Fade and swirl with mauve or burgundy shadows along the outer corners for richer drama of color. This look will give your eyes a touch of elegance and romance.

Romantic Rose Halo Eye Makeup

3. Bold Blue Halo:

Under the center of your eyelid, apply a shade in one rich blue shade. If you want things cheekier and attractive looking then create a little wildness with navy or deep purple on outer corners. Combined in this way, you'll never lose a bead and will have eyes that pop. 

Bold Blue Halo Eye Makeup

4. Smoky Halo:

The halo effect adds new interest to your classic smoky eye. A dark charcoal or black shade can be used on the outer corners, gradually blending towards the center with a silver or gray shade. With this edgy touch, your eyes will be filled with drama and intensity.

Smoky Halo Eye Makeup Look

5. Subtle Nude Halo:

The shade used in the center of your eyelid can be a soft, nude color. On either side opt for light brown or taupe shades to give you more natural and everyday look. The slight halo effect that this will give your eyes adds not only brightness, but fresh and polished appeal as well.

Subtle Nude Halo Eye Makeup Look


Halo eye makeup is a beautiful method which gives a flicker of magic and tide to the eyes. On your eyelids, using mixed shades of complementary colors can give you a glittering aura. So do you have a favorite shadow palette? Take them out and play, create different looks for yourself. OK, first you have to take that Halo Eyes Makeup Power out. Let's allow our eyes to glow like a halo.

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