An Overview Guide: How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?



Thousands of people search for the term ‘hair extensions’ all around the world. Other than this, you will also see topics being searched like “How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?”, “Hair Extensions Prices” and “How much does a single Hair Extension Cost?” To know about everything related to the pricing and other stuff about hair extensions, read out this guide to clear your mind. All the ins and outs are explained in this guide, including the range of prices and the factors that contribute to the wide variety of quotes you'll receive while shopping around. 

A Comprehensive Guide: How Much Do Hair Extensions Typically Cost?

Approximately how much do hair extensions cost? Does quality matter when choosing between salon and at-home extensions? Asking if the cost is justified. Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide in which we have addressed all of these concerns and more. 

How Much Do Hair Extensions Typically Cost?

From roughly £8 for low-quality, synthetic choices, all the way up to $300+ for professional salon quality hair extensions, the price of a full set of hair extensions can range widely. The cost of these items varies widely depending on a number of variables, including the type of material (synthetic or natural), quality, length, thickness, and retailer. 

Weave In Hair Extensions

The price range of weave hair extensions cost between $189 to $650 and the average rate is considered be $300. The process involves undoing the weaves, washing the hair, and re-weaving the wefts into the hair. This process costs about $150 per session, every 6 weeks. Weaves are attached to the braids and we call that a modern evolution of this method. Its easier to work with wefts because they are quicker and easier but on the other hand strands are difficult to handle and not everybody can do it perfectly. 

Fusion Or Keratin Hair Extensions

Also called popular permanent hair extensions, it cost's around $300–$1000 per year, including hair and salon services. The hairdresser must reset them every three months. Cold-fusion hair extensions cost $1500-$3000. Keratin bonds reduce hair damage and roughness in fusion extensions. However, constant stress may cause sensitive hair loss. The annual fee is $2,675.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions 

The typical cost of micro bead hair extensions is $300, plus $400 for hairdresser installation. Every six weeks, $150 per session for maintenance. These are good options. However, like other permanent hair extensions, persistent pulling could result in hair loss for some people and such situation is not good. Micro bead hair extensions cost over 12 months is $300 for hair, $400 for hairdresser installation and maintenance costs $150 x8 per year = $1,200. it would cost $1900 yearly and guess what? you will need new hair every year with same passion. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions

The installation at a hair salon is typically included in the price of tape-in hair extensions, which brings the total to between $200 and $400 on average. They need to be adjusted every 4-6 weeks, and the cost of maintenance is approximately $120 per unit. Over the course of a year, the entire cost is $1,460, and there are eight payments of annual maintenance that amount $120 each. In addition to that, every year a new supply of hair is required. 

Halo Hair Extenstions

Halo hair extensions cost rate start from $200 to $500, are low-maintenance and easy to style. Their fine, medium, and thick options are the holy grail of non-permanent hair extensions. They mix naturally without fussy clips, salon visits, or damage. Halo hair extensions cost $375 per year over 12 months and are the last you'll ever use.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are not only costly but can be dangerous to your natural hair. They typically take around $200, and they have a 6-12 month lifespan. Although they claim to be "damage-free," the repeated tugging on the same areas might actually result in hair loss. Five hundred and seventy-five dollars ($200 for hair, $75 for the first cut, and $300 for therapy to repair damage) is the total cost over a year. If you discover any damage, it's crucial to factor in the price of new hair extensions.

How Much Do Non-Permanent Hair Extensions Usually Set You Back? 

Non-permanent hair extensions are a type of hair extension that does not connect to your natural hair in a way that will leave a mark that remains. Because of this, they are simple to install which you can also do it all by yourself, right there in the privacy and convenience of your own bathroom. Because you don't have to pay for installation or maintenance, the cost usually falls a lot lower.

What Is The Going Rate For 100% Natural Hair Extensions?

Half of the population go for the natural hair extensions and they search for the prices too. You can expect to pay between £100 and £150 for a complete set of 100% natural 18-inch clip-in hair extensions. Keep in mind that every extension price depends upon the quality and design, human hair extensions are more pricey than the synthetic ones because of the beauty of it. Donated human hair can be straightened or curled with heat tools and trimmed to achieve a variety of looks. "Virgin hair" refers to hair that has never been processed in any way, including coloring or bleaching, making it the gold standard in human hair.

Virgin hair is more expensive because it has not been chemically treated like processed human hair. The hair is gathered in one direction so that there are fewer knots. The price range for 100% human hair extensions from the company that makes them is $69-$600. To have them professionally applied would add even more to this total. 


Human hair extensions cost more than synthetic ones but offer more styling possibilities. Their Cost range's from $75 to $400. The cost of clip-in or tape-in hair extensions is $100 to $1,000. I-tip extensions are great for long-lasting, hair-safe extensions. Avoid tape-ins and sew-ins due to safety concerns. All extensions require maintenance appointments, with tape-ins costing $100–350 and microlinks and I-tips $100–$300. 

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