How To Use Flat Makeup Brush? Usage And Its Benefits



If you are someone like me and always looking for new and useful beauty tools to make your makeup application game all set, then let me tell you about one tool that I recently came across – A flat makeup brush. I can’t explain how much I am impressed by this specific makeup brush that I recently bump into, and I feel bad why I never came across this masterpiece before. The unique design of it made me try it out right when I first saw this beauty and in short, it really is an end-game. Let me take you in deeper details of this beauty tool to make your makeup application game as better as it made mine with its unique feature and incredible benefits. 

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How to Use A Flat Makeup Brush: An Ultimate Guide

I have used a lot of makeup brushes from different brands throughout my makeup journey but this was something that I wished I would come across earlier. It feels sturdy and well-crafted, totally a game changer for me and now. Let me explain how to use this and take full usage of the tool.

For Applying Foundation

Flat makeup brush gave me a flawless finish when I applied liquid foundation with it. We always desire that one brush that can provide us that polished finish to our base and luckily I have found one, now it's your turn to grab this and change your makeup game. Too easy to use, just add the needed amount of foundation on the brush and then start applying it to your face in gentle and circular movements to make them blend perfectly.

Concealer Application

Best way to use the flat makeup brush to apply concealer under the eyes, and guess what? It worked. While many of us mostly use a sponge, I have used both and I would say that the brush is a better option than a sponge (especially a flat makeup brush). 
For Highlight and Contour

The flat surface of these makeup brushes are perfect to choose for highlighting and contouring purposes as they can create a perfect highlight. Creating lines for highlighting and contouring sometimes becomes too time-consuming as they call for a crisp and well-blended line that gives just the right amount of pop to your makeup looks. Here enters the flat makeup brush, so don’t worry at all now.


The flat makeup brush makes it really easy to give the flush to your cheeks to make them fuller and perfect. For the blush, we all need a tool that blends the color well and wants the color to make it look like a natural finish instead of an artificial accent. So, the makeup brush is what makes this blush application process easy.

Benefits of Flat Makeup Brush

brush with makeup shades

Now that we know how to use it, let's talk about the benefits of using a flat makeup brush. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it improved my makeup routine.

Polished Finish

I noticed that the flat surface of the makeup brush is what helps in creating a flawless base that blends perfectly and doesn't leave a smudgy or cakey effect to the look. It really plays its part in blending the makeup into the skin to give off the natural finish effect that's all we girls want

No-Product Waste

All the makeup lover ladies have an idea that so many beauty tools make our makeup products finish quickly, and make us buy makeup every two or three months (we are not doing that anymore). Another reason is we are using huge makeup blenders that absorb all the product and leave less on top which is a big sign of product wastage and we aren't planning to afford this anymore. These flat makeup brushes have made our life easy with their flat surface and dense bristles that do not absorb a large amount of product and helps in preventing product waste.

Easy Care

Some of the makeup brushes we own do make us go crazy when the product doesn't come out even after soaking the brush or sponge for too long. Whether you use a harsh chemical cleanser that can erase any kind of product from any brush but still some brushes just fail to do the job. flat surface and easy cleaning? What a combo, and a dream of every other girl. Just by using a soap, cleanser or even your favorite shampoo, you can wash these and make them last a little longer.


After exploring and finding the perfect makeup brush that works for not only base application, but concealer and blush, I have finally found one for me that's just too good to be true. Since the first time I used this brush I knew that this is going to be my forever buddy for makeup applications. So, stop what you are doing and grab these to make your makeup routines better and less time-consuming.

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