Best Jewellery Collection For Rook Piercing - A Detailed Guide



Before starting up with a guide for the best jewelry collection for rook piercing, I would like to start from scratch with what rook piercing is for those who have no idea about it. Located above the tragus, the rook is the ridge of cartilage that connects the external and internal ears. This cartilaginous ridge isn't particularly prominent to most people, but it may steal the show when studded with glitzy jewels. 

If you want to make a quiet but noticeable expression, the rook piercing is the way to go. It's something of a contradiction since it's positioned in an unnoticeable area of your ear but can't help but draw attention to itself. A piercing brings immediate and full attention to a part of the ear that typically receives little of it. Beyond the standard stud and hoop, there are many other possibilities for adorning a rook piercing, so let's take a look at some of the finest pieces of rook piercing jewelry that are full of fashion.


Piercing Faux Rooks

Professional piercers will move their tool diagonally a bit above the ridge of the inner ear to create the Faux rook. A Faux rook penetrates the tissue just above the rook's ridge. The rook is pierced with a straight barbell rather than the more conventional curved barbell. 

Double Rook Piercing

Double rook piercing is a type of ear piercing where two piercings are done on the cartilage of the ear, specifically in the rook area. It's a trendy and stylish piercing that can be customized with different types of jewelry.

How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Your New Rook Piercing

Barbell Jewellery for Rook Piercing

Barbell Jewellery for Rook Piercing

Barbells are a good option for rook piercing because it is easier to keep them clean and they move freely. Cleanliness is important because it keeps you away from getting an infection in your pierced area. You can also embellish barbells with gemstones and diamonds of your favorite color and add a touch of sparkle to them. 

Barbells look more beautiful when placed at rook because they complement the shape of it. There is just one thing not good about barbells is that they get stuck in clothes or sheets bringing pressure to your piercing area. It's not that easy to wear as well because of its threading mechanism which is actually very tricky and takes time but still, the majority of people go for barbells for their rook piercing and find it the best jewelry option for a rook. 

Captive and Hoops Bead Rings

Captive and Hoops Bead Rings

Experts recommend hoops for new piercings since they aren't likely to get caught on anything and are quite easy to keep clean up. Because these are lightweight and flexible, they reduce stress from the piercing and give you more room for mobility. Hoops can be worn in plenty of ways and come in several different styles, such as captive bead rings, seamless hoops, and segmented hoops. In the case of new rook piercings, captive bead rings also known as fixed bead rings are usually chosen. 

Heart-Shaped Jewelry for Rook Piercing

Heart-Shaped Jewelry for Rook Piercing

Heart-shaped Jewels are never a bad idea for Rook piercing because are very easy to put on and remove from your ear. They sit perfectly on your rook area and complement perfectly like you want them to be. Many basic and intricate designs are available in it and you can choose the perfect match that conforms well to the ear’s outer curvature. 

Metal-Piercing Rooks

Metal-Piercing Rooks

When getting piercings, you should only ever choose hypoallergenic and biocompatible metals. This is especially important for new piercings and if you are sensitive to metals. Precious metals such as gold are an excellent option; however, if the precious metals have low purity levels, the alloy may contain allergies that could lead to complications.

Some fantastic alternatives are also very reasonably priced and they are: 

  • The metal titanium. 
  • 316L stainless steel for surgical use 
  • Nobium yellow gold in 14K or 18K karats. 

Stay away from certain metals since they have the potential to irritate the skin, change its color, and induce reactions: 

  • The precious metals silver and sterling silver 
  • The use of plastic or nylon Materials made of metals such as gold plating, gold vermeil, and rolled gold Brass, copper, and bronze are their names.


When it comes to choosing the best jewelry for your rook piercing, it's all about finding something that suits your personal style and makes you feel fabulous! You have a variety of options to choose from, including delicate hoops, sparkling studs, or even unique and intricate designs. It's important to select jewelry made from high-quality materials like titanium or surgical steel to ensure proper healing and minimize the risk of irritation. Don't forget to consult with a professional piercer who can guide you in selecting the right size and style that fits your rook perfectly. 

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