7 Parisian Style Outfit Ideas That looks Stunning



Parisian style comes from a French origin meaning casual chic. French people are seen in the most sophisticated style investing their money and time in timeless pieces. Style is all about doing the right thing in the given amount of time and money. Whether you are someone who loves to spend your money on timeless pieces or someone who goes overboard with anything, this style makes sure that you are focusing on sustainability. 

Talking about the Parisian style, French people firmly believe that you can make a style statement by wearing the simplest outfits. They believe in being normal yet comfortable in whatever you wear. Due to this reason, social media always bet a little busy about Parisian Style being their go to fashion statement.  From the 17th century till now this style has surely made a difference amongst people and all around the world. 

Here Are The List of 7 Parisian Style Outfit Ideas

1.    Keep Neutrals Alive: 

Keep Neutrals Alive

One of the major reasons why French people always look put-together is the color palette they choose. Most people are on the paler side which means they look attractive wearing neutrals. Also, if you think technically, neutrals never make you look tired, exhausted, or extra. It’s the perfect color palette for your day-to-day routine. One of the major elements of Parisian style is picking the right neutral color. 

2.    Monochromatic Look: 

Monochromatic Look

Monochromes always look good apart from styling. They look good on walls, furniture and simply in everything. French people love their monochromes. When you walk the streets of Paris you will hardly see anyone dressed up in florals. To style like one of them, go for a simple monochromatic look. Choose any basic black, grey, white coat and pair it with any turtleneck. Use accessories and you are good to go. 

3.    Style Your Beret with Mini Skirt: 

 Style Your Beret with Mini Skirt

Beret looks a lot like French and if you are in France, wearing it once while you are staying is everyone’s go to style statement. You will see influencers opting for Beret caps while in Paris. It’s very much a trend because of its timeless elegance. You can style your Beret with a sweater, miniskirt, and boots. Cover it up with a long coat and you are ready to make everyone turn their eyes on you.

4.    Elegant Trench Coat Look: 

Elegant Trench Coat Look

Long trench coats are always a trend. Whether it’s Parisian style or a New-York style, long coats are never worn according to the country. One of the major components of Parisian fashion is long coats. These coats can be worn over any bodycon dress, turtleneck with tailored pants, or a simple jeans and t-shirt. No matter what you are wearing under it, your trench coat should stand out.  

5.    Striped Sweater For Casual Look:

Striped Sweater For Casual Look

 Sweaters are the timeless and elegant piece of clothing. It just suits every body type and doesn’t look extra. If you are someone whose style statement is simple yet elegant, opting for sweater completes it all together. Striped sweaters can give a casual look for work, office meetings or your day-to-day chores. It just fits the “everyday wearing and slaying” criteria perfectly. Pair it up with a good pair of jeans and you are good to go. 

6.    Tailored Pants with Blazer: 

Tailored Pants with Blazer

If you are on social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, there is no way you have not seen this style trending throughout. Tailored pants fit every single person perfectly. It looks super chic yet comfortable. One of the major essences of Parisian style is comfort.

This outfit has it all. Select your tailored pants of any color, either white, siege, beige, and pair it up with the same color top for monochromatic look. Top it with a blazer and you are good to go. It’s the easiest style to carry while making a style statement. 

7.    Jeans and Turtleneck: 

Jeans and Turtleneck

If you want to be yourself at home, jeans and turtlenecks can make you look presentable. It’s perfect for your chores, grocery runs or mowing in the garden. The classic style that never goes out of style and looks ravishing is the best combo. Choose the right color palette and style it in a casual way for the perfect Parisian style. 


In this article I have mentioned the Parisian style and how you can manage to look your best while wearing the most comfortable yet elegant attire. This style comes with simplicity, buying quality over quantity, investing timeless pieces and most importantly comfort. The 7 stunning outfit ideas makes you realize that it is not the brand that matters but the way you style it. Either it’s a formal outfit or a casual, you can make yourself look presentable all the time with just a few tricks. I hope this article makes you realize that, and it gets easier for you to understand Parisian style better. Slay in your outfits daily and do upload those amazing pictures you take. 

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