9 Plus Size Winter Dresses That Suit Every Body Type



Dress to impress with some beautiful dresses this winter. You can be curvy, petite or anything in between and there are many plus size winter dresses that would look good on you. Winter dresses will change the whole concept of staying fashionable and comfy when it is cold. No worries, my friend! I’ve got some great plus-size choices that will leave you feeling like a fashion queen. From sexy wrap dresses that highlight your curves to comfy sweater dresses, there’s a little something for you. Other excellent choices are the A-line dresses, fit and flare styles, and maxi dresses. And to cap it all, turtleneck dresses, shirt dresses, and the luxurious velvet and flannel choices. So much to choose from this winter to keep you looking fabulous all winter.

9 Plus Size Winter Attires That Fit Every Body Type:

1.    Plus Solid Cable Knit Split Hem Sweater Dress

If you personally ask me then I am obsessed with solid cable knit split hem sweater dresses! They’re just so flexible and great for any body shape. The split hem brings in a dash of style while the cable knit adds texture and warmth. For example, you can wear it with tights and ankle boots to create a stylish winter look. Furthermore, the sweater dress silhouette enhances curves and is very comfortable. Winter wardrobe cannot do without it.

Plus Solid Cable Knit Split Hem Sweater Dress

2.    Oversized Sweater and Leggings

A sweatshirt can be a good outfit for any shape. A longer loose sweater below the back for curvier bodies creates balanced silhouette. This kind of high-waisted leggings bring out the waist line. One can also choose a shorter, fitted sweater for such frames. Leggings that reach slightly above the ankle make legs longer. They can choose an oversized sweater having chunky knits or peculiar patterns. Leggings with a textured or fun print, add more dimension to the look. They should simply match your figure and find the right proportions. Pair a chunky knit sweater with leggings and knee high boots for a comfy and chic look. 

Oversized Sweater and Leggings

3.    Long Coat and Skinny Jeans

A slimming outfit that flatters anyone and everybody is the combination of long coat and skinny jeans. Go for a neutral color long coat such as black, gray, or camel and match it with fitted skinny jeans in dark wash or black for a slimming and elongated look. Layer your coat with a cozy sweater or a chic blouse and wear ankle boots or heels for an extra touch of style. The ensemble is flexible enough and can be put on for any event from casual to formal. Confidence is important; therefore, wear what feels great and own the long coat and skinny jeans look with a lot of ease. Layer a long coat over a fitted top and skinny jeans for a sleek and sophisticated winter look. 

 Long Coat and Skinny Jeans

4.    Faux Fur Jacket and Midi Dress

 Faux fur jacket and middle length dress combination is a fashion statement. Combine the jacket with a feminine and attractive midi dress in a fabric and shade matching the texture of the jacket. Go for a satin or velvet dress that hugs your body in order to pull off a chic midi length. Go for classic colors like black or brown and boldly bold with burgundy or emerald green. It also comes with a faux fur that helps add luxury and warmth. Finalize the look with ankle boots or heels, statement jewelry or a cute clutch. You will attract attention wherever you go this outfit. 

Faux Fur Jacket and Midi Dress

5.    Knit Cardigan and Denim

Go for neutral colors such as white and blue, which are more versatile or pop a color for statement. Wear it with regular jeans for smart casual look or casual look. Ankle boots or sneakers would make it casual while a scarf and beanie would provide it more warmth. The choice is yours. For this casual look, style a cozy knit cardigan with a classic pair of jeans and boots.

Knit Cardigan and Denim 

6.    Sweater Dress and Tights

A sweater dress and tights combination makes it perfect during colder months. Select knit loose designs and a length that will flatter your body type. Go for the classics with neutrals, or opt for bold colors, or fun prints. Go for opaque or contrasting tights in black which is a neutral color. Add a belt on your waist to make it bold. Wear boots for a trendy look.  This stylish grey and black combination outfit will have you tackling the chill in style.

Sweater Dress and Tights

7.    Puffer Jacket and Athleisure

Puffer jacket and Athleisure go well into casual outfits. Classic black or navy or bright colors for warmth with style. Wear comfortable leggings or joggers coupled with a comfortable hoodie or jumper, made from materials like cotton or fleece for Athleisure. Go for neutral tones for a minimalist effect, or for a statement effect, go for bold patterns. Complete the sporty look with stylish sneakers and add a beanie or a baseball cap. Carry only essentials in a cross body bag or backpack. 

Puffer Jacket and Athleisure

8.    Turtleneck and Skirt

Chic is the turtleneck and skirt outfit, a classic for sure. Classic black or white turtlenecks, or try out different shades for an amazing winter look. You may prefer material of your own preference depending on your style and weather. It can be mini skirt for a flirtatious atmosphere, midi or maxi for an elegant look. Invent different styles, using fabrics like denim, leather, or flowy materials. If it is cold, consider wearing tights or stockings, pair with ankle boots or heels. 

Turtleneck and Skirt

9.    Houndstooth Print Belted Dress

A classic houndstooth print belted dress oozes sophistication, class and makes any outfit stand out. It is the checked pattern that makes it a statement garment that helps to create a streamlined silhouette. Let the dress remain basic and be just a focal point. Wear an elegant skirt paired up with black or nude heels so as to achieve an elegant look, and keep warm with a blazer or cardigan. Include delicate jewellery such as pendant necklaces or stud earrings to create a harmonious image together. This is usually completed with a nice bag or clutch.

Houndstooth Print Belted Dress


Plus size winter dresses are the best way to show off your lovely curves and highlight your style. You can also choose dresses, wrap dresses, cozy sweater dresses, or elegant velvet options. Nevertheless, the only way you will find out the most suitable styles for yourself is experimenting with and having fun of showing yourself. However, this is the most important aspect in that you are sure of what you are wearing with confidence. Then, dress in winter outfits and become a fashion icon. Embrace your figure and flaunt your style without fear.

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