Privacy Policy

This is to inform you that Stylitica has always considered privacy as an important matter. For this reason, the company has developed this privacy policy for its entire community of users. If you are reading this privacy policy as a user, let us tell you that it describes how Stylitica, its associates, or any other services of Stylitica, and its entire publishing family,  discloses, uses, processes, or collects your personal information. Noting that, this personal information is collected in relation to Stylitica, its official website, its mobile applications, any of its services, or else any of its products that may be offered on or through our website or any of its apps.

Managing Your Information

E-Mail Preferences

If you wish to opt out of any kind of marketing emails from our company, we request you to please fill out the form given below by following the mentioned link.

E-mail preferences form

Deleting Information

If you wish to delete all or any kind of information permanently, we request you to please fill out the form given below by following the mentioned link.

Data preferences form

Controlling Your Data

 If you wish to look for alternate ways through which you as a user can manage, erase, or opt out of your information, Stylitica offers a separate section titled ‘Controls you have over your information.’

Personal Information That Stylitica Collects From You

You as a user must know that all the personal details that Stylitica collects from you are completely dependent on your engagement with our company or any of its services and on the information that you voluntarily share with us. To collect your personal information, Our Company will directly connect with you, or else we connect it in response to your use of our services. It includes,

Account Information 

Here, our company collects details like your username, name, date of birth, account history, contact information, payment and purchase history, subscription details,  profile details, and saved, liked, or bookmarked items.

Contact Information

Here, our company collects details like your name, contact details, which may include e-mail ID and postal address, Registration information, which will include the details for registering for any event, conferences, and all the details about any media used in such events.

Inquiry Information

Here, our company collects the details that are sent to us through surveys or forms in the form of messages, or else through e-mail messages or text. Also, your personal details are sent to us whenever you sign up for any of our newsletters or subscribe to us.

Demographic Information

Here, our company collects basic details from every user like his or her gender, age, occupation, income, marital status, family status, family members, and the duration of your residency. 

Financial Information

Here, our company collects details like your account number, routing number, credit card, and debit card information, along with your shipping address.

Survey Information

Here, our company collects the details that you may provide when entering into any sweepstakes or contests, or else when you add your details into a testimonial, or otherwise the information you may provide in response to our surveys and questionnaires.

Health and Fitness Information

Here, our company collects the details about your health and wellness, exercises, weight gain or loss goals, activity levels, and dietary preferences.

Behavioral Information 

Here, our company collects the details about your interests, favorites, hobbies, consuming tendencies, purchasing behaviors, and other similar characteristics. 

User-Generated Content

Here, our company collects the first time information about you and every other user By means of participating in our services. Or else, when you tend to participate in any of our discussions or forums, or otherwise post any kind of reviews or comments on any of our services.  We further request you and every user remember that the information you provide here is served as available for viewing, utilizing, or capturing do any other user who tends to visit our page. Henceforth, make sure not to provide any kind of personal information that you do not wish to share with the public.

Automatically Collected Information

Stylitica along with its third-party partners and any other associated companies may automatically collect your information, which may further include the information about your device and the information about your use of our services, whenever you try to use or interact with any of our services.  Our company and its third-party partners collect this information by means of cookies and other tracking technologies for different purposes by our company and our third-party partners.

The information that we collect here includes.

Usage Data

It includes details about the path that you may use to enter into our services, or the part through our services, or else the path that you may use to exit our services. 

Also, it includes details about your activity and usage of offer services or in relation to any of our services. Our company may also use different third-party tools to collect the information that is provided to us by you or else to collect other details about you related to your use of the service.  Further notice that these tools also tend to collect your details whenever you try to interact with any of our services through chat or through any other means.

Device Data

It includes details about your device type and version, your Internet Protocol address, your browser type and version, your browser ID, date and time of visit, a referring page along with the URL entered, and details about any errors that may occur when you try to interact with our services.

Location Data

It includes details about your geographic location that may be collected by us, our third-party partners, or any of our associated companies.  It may be collected in connection to the permissions of the app that you are using or as a result of a browser‘s functionality.

Advertising Data

It includes details about your behavior towards our advertisements in terms of views and clicks that may appear on your device or through any of our services, and your response to our cookie IDs and to any other third-party identifiers. It may be for the purpose of serving advertisements or for the sake of facilitating advertisements, which may help to better optimize or enhance the effectiveness of the ad campaigns of Stylitica. Keep in mind that, we and our third-party partners may automatically combine this information with other personal details that you may provide to us or with the details that each of us automatically collects from your side.

Third-Party Partners

Stylitica also tends to collect personal information from multiple third-party partners with the information that you provide to us about yourself and with the information that we automatically collect about you through our services or by any other means.  The third parties with whom we connect for collecting information are,

Information Providers

Our company connects with third-party information providers from time to time as it helps us to collect user information or supplement the information that we collect. These professionals help us while looking for updated contact information of previous users with whom our company plans to reconnect.

Service Providers

Our company works with third-party service providers, who tend to provide multiple services on our behalf like processing payments, conducting surveys, or collecting user information and sharing it with us for further processing. 

Authentication Services

A few of the services that we provide to our clientele let users join us through different social media networks and channels like Twitter, Facebook, or Google. These services will always ask you to authenticate your identity by providing various details like name, email address, contact number, user ID, and contacts, and further share these details with our company. Remember that the details that we may receive here are completely dependent on the privacy policy of these channels and the privacy settings that you may fix for these channels. 

Business Partners

Our company also collaborates with third-party business partners including professionals who offer their products or services on our website, or with analytics and advertising partners including professionals who facilitate the sale and purchase of the advertising inventory on other companies' services or inform us about the business analytics, and let us know about the effectiveness of our ad campaigns.

Social Media Partners

Our company holds different social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google. In case you try to interact with any of these partners, interview me directly and receive the information about your profile or any other information that you share with this social network public. This information is used by us to make sure you can easily access your account and enjoy a personalized experience in terms of advertising and content. 

Other Sources

Our company can also collect your personal information from other users who tend to interact with our services.  Otherwise, we collect your personal information from multiple available sources which mean clear different brand partnerships, or a variety of acquisitions and mergers.

How Do We Utilize Your Personal Information?

Stylitica tends to use your personal information for a few of the following purposes,

For the fulfillment of your requests for the provision of the services of our company to you. 

This may include,

    Completing all your transactions and payments
    Making sure that all the products and services of our company are available to you
    Being responsive towards all user requests, comments, posts, questions, and suggestions while providing active customer support
    Providing access to your user account
    Saving the details of your searches, favorites, recipes, and other important lists
    Sharing details about and monitoring your participation in different questionnaires, contests, events, surveys, conferences, panels, polls, and other programs
    Sending you all kinds of service messages including those about any transactions or changes in your account

For providing you with a customized user experience

Here, our company works to provide different products, services, and content pieces that might be attractive to you while making sure to deemphasize content that you have already viewed or one that is less attractive

For better and enhanced communication

Here, our company works to communicate with users regarding their account activities which make the details of transaction confirmations or other subscription alerts. 

Upon registering with our company, you may get enrolled in our e-mail newsletters and receive different types of surveys from our side.  We communicate with our users by means of postal mail, e-mail, text messages, and phone calls.

For the improvement and development of our products and services

Our company takes advantage of users' information in order to understand over target audiences and to optimize all of the services of our company.

For compliance with legal obligations and requirements

Our company may collect your personal information to comply with laws and regulations, court orders, or any other kind of legal obligations, or else to assist in any kind of investigation that may involve the protection and defense of our property and rights, or else that men will the production and defense of the rights and safety of our third parties.  Otherwise, we may collect your information for the protection of our company, our brands, services, customers, affiliates, or any other individuals associated with our company. Or otherwise to enforce our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and third-party agreements, and for the prevention of fraud or crime. Your personal information may also be of use in the case of bankruptcy, receivership, or insolvency.

How Do We Share Your Personal Information?

The personal information that our company collects from you is further utilized by all our associates and companies.  Also, we may share your personal information with multiple third parties which may include,

Promotional Partners

Our company will share your information with different parties and partners for the sake of sweepstakes, surveys, contests, and any other joint promotional ventures.

Marketing Partners

Our company may share your information with third-party partners, which means new business partners, analytics partners, and advertising partners in case where we or these partners may be providing you with multiple services, products, or activities that may be of your interest, Or to inform you about different business analytics, or else for other types of commercial purposes that may be discussed in our privacy policy or in the privacy policy of these third-party partners.

Marketing Partners

Our company may share your personal information with third-party online marketing partners or else grant these partners permission to collect personal information from you for marketing and advertising purposes or to help you interact in such advertising activities.

The Public 

Our company will share your personal information with the public through social media channels, such that when you post a comment or react to any of our posts, your personal information which may include your initial, last name, contact number, address, and comment maybe come available for the public.  Whenever you or any other user tries to interact with our services or any of our social media pages, we may tag your account or the account of other users.

Service Providers

Our company will share your personal information with third-party advisors and service providers who tend to provide different services to users on our behalf. This may include different professionals who may offer marketing and analytics services, delivery services, finance and accounting services, mailing and e-mail services, web hosting services, product fulfillment services, analytics services, and fraud prevention services.

Third Parties at Your Request and Consent

Our company may share your personal information with third parties like friends and family, with whom you wish to share the details about your activities on our services by means of phone calls, messages, or emails. Also, we may share information about you with third parties wherever user consent is given or else where any legal notice is provided.

Business Transaction Partners

Our company may share your personal information with third parties who collaborate with us for corporate transactions which may include a merger, reorganization, buying and selling off our company shares and assets, amendments in the acquisition of van or all portions of our venture, or else in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy.

What Are Our Practices For Online Marketing And Third-Party Data Collection?


Stylitica and its third-party partners utilize the personal information that our company receives about you or about your use of our services either from your side or from other third parties to provide you with personalized marketing campaigns which may involve advertisements that may attract you, or the audiences similar to you, or to optimize the content on which our ads will appear, or to come up with promotional services such as market research and reporting. These particularly discussed third-party partners may consist of online marketing networks, attribution ventures, advertisement fraud verification companies, social media channels, or other advanced technology services.

How We Collect Your Information

Our company collects your information for such type of promotional purposes through different tech tracking technologies which may include pixels, cookies, scripts, API, SDKs, login technologies, location tracking technologies, and other advanced technologies, which may help to recognize the users did gadget and collect its related information, like that time and date of visiting our website, the click stream information, and the type of browser you are using, or otherwise the information which may include the measurement of data that is earlier discussed in the privacy policy of our company. We use these tools to further collect information that you provide to our company or to collect information about your use of our services, which may include your purchasing behavior, your mouse movements, your clicks, you're scrolling, your searches, and your keystroke activities. Moreover, these tools let us know the details of your recorded information whenever you or any other user tries to interact with any of our services or tends to engage with us through our services.
Stylitica shares a unique account identifier or other similar information with these third-party partners for easier identification of every user across devices. Noticing that this information and identifiers are shared through the above-discussed tracking technologies.

How Do You Control Your Information?

Users can control their information in a few of the ways discussed below,

 Accessing, Modifying, or Deleting Your Information

We grant you the complete right to request access to your personal information, to request the correction of your information, or to delete your personal information. For the better protection and security of the personal information that our company has collected, we will conduct steps to confirm your identity which may be an unnecessary part of our processing of any kind of user requests. Stylitica may not fulfill user requests under particular situations such as wherever the company in its sole discretion considers your identification

unreasonable and unverified or else the information is subjected to record keeping, internal audit, or otherwise the user request holds legal exceptions due to which it shall not be granted.  We also state that our company shall respond to your request within a promising and considerable time frame.

Marketing E-Mail Preferences

Users can easily manage their opt-out preferences for all kinds of marketing emails from Stylitica by going to the unsubscribed link that is mentioned at the bottom of such emails. Furthermore, if you wish to keep away from third-party marketing emails that you earlier requested on or through any of our services, please follow the third parties unsubscribe link or any kind of mentioned instructions for opting out that may be mentioned in such kind of marketing emails from those particular third parties.

Postal Mail

If you wish to remove your postal address and your name from our promotional lists that we share with third parties for marketing and advertisements, we request you to send us a request through a letter that may be addressed to (company address).

Tracking Technologies

For the management of cookies or any other tracking technologies, users may have the ability to update their browser settings.  It may include,

    Receiving a notification about whenever you receive a cookie, so you can easily choose whether or not to accept it
    Disable all the existing cookies
    Reject cookies automatically

You must know that restricting the use of any of our cookies or these tracking technologies can negatively impact your user experience while using our company or any offered services because some of our features aren't provisioned and may be less personalized.

Furthermore, notice that the settings of these cookies may directly depend on your device and operating system.

How Will Our Company inform you it’s About Amendments to Our Privacy Policy?

Stylitica shall update its privacy policy occasionally for the reflection of changes to our privacy practices. In case our company makes any kind of material changes to any of our privacy practices, we will make sure to indicate it at the top of the privacy policy along with mentioning the date when the privacy policy was more strictly updated.  Each and every individual is bound to the latest changes when expressing any of the services that are linked to the latest privacy policy. Also, we request you periodically review our privacy policy to stay updated regarding our privacy practices.

How Can You Contact Our Company?

In case you have any kind of questions about the privacy policy of our company or about any of our privacy practices, feel free to contact us at

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