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Selena Gomez turned the tables around by introducing the Soft Pinch Blush and discovering the secret formula that gives you a flawless finish. You can't go through TikTok without watching a video of someone who is applying this silkiest foundation ever. The soft pinch blush is known to have a long-lasting formula with a creamy texture that blends smoothly and gives you a rosy-cheeked look. Rare Beauty has launched Lip Oil which has taken the internet by storm. It seems to be the twin of our adored blush. But let’s figure out whether the lip oil is worth the hype or not.

More from the Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil

After the success of Rare’s beauty most-loved product that is soft Pinch Blush, people have developed huge expectations for Lip Oil. Selena was totally geared up to make sure all the requirements of Rare Beauty’s loyal customers were met. She went the extra mile and tested all the lip oils and balms available in the market and figured out what was missing and what people expected. She found out that people prefer lip Oil or Lip Balm that can keep your lips hydrated and has long-lasting color. Nothing irritates beauty enthusiasts other than frequent touch-ups.

Selena said that she loves lip oils that deliver vibrant colors and have an amazing stay power which beauty enthusiasts crave. Selena further elaborated on what people usually mean when it comes to the staying power of lip products and that is “it doesn’t smudge even when you eat something”. I loved how she perfectly put into words what each of us demands!

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The lip oil by Rare Beauty is available at Sephora and obviously at Rare Beauty in eight distinctive shades. Let’s dive into what shades they are offering! For a bolder and more glamorous look, they have Cool Pink and Rose Mauve, for a much natural finish they are offering Nude Mauve, Nude Brown, and Rose Brown. Whereas, for a romantic flushed look you can have a warm rose, muted berry, and Muted Peach. If you are Selena’s Die-hard fan, then you must know that her favorite go-to lip oil shade is “Cool Pink”.

Rare Beauty Lip Oil

I remember myself as a child and teen when I would apply lip glosses to make the shine on my lips visible. As I grew up, with time the trend disappeared, and to date, people are more into matte lipsticks and matte glosses. I never even gave a thought back to the gloss trend and let's be very honest I never wanted to. However, this year and the upcoming ones are all about lip oils and tints which I’m in love with. I saw several videos popping up on my TikTok which were all about people flaunting stunning glossy lips and Selena was also one of them so this made me go like “WOW”.


The reason I love them including her beloved fans is because they feel instantly revitalizing on the lips in addition to having a new appearance and pigmented look. On the contrary, I wouldn’t say that these lip oils are as long-lasting as lipsticks because there is a need to top them up after a meal. But to avoid frequent touch-ups, you need to apply double coats. Although shine fades with time, it remains a pleasing color.

People like me gravitate more towards lip glosses, so it’s a fair deal for them to get their hands on something a bit more moisturizing. After all who wouldn’t love to have soft plumpy lips? Here is a tip try them out with lip liner and see how amazing it looks!


Thousands of people around the globe got their hands on Rare Beauty Lip Oils and it’s very natural if someone holds either a positive or negative review about them. It totally depends on the choices people have, their preferences, and whether the product suits them or not. It’s obviously impossible that every single person in the world can have a consensus over any one product. At this point what you can do is go through as many reviews as you can, assess alternatives, ask your friends or family members, and see the ratings the product has received.

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