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The 2024 Grammy Awards were a fashion fiesta where celebrities showed off their best celebrity style on the red carpet. The event looked like a huge party, where dresses and outfits were as important as music awards.  They showed that in the case of Grammys, you must dress to kill and have fun with your style. Stars came down like fashion gods, each look a tale and every outfit an intricately composed symphony of style. Velvet tuxedos, silk drapes and bold cuts dominated the spotlight as jewels and accessories struck the perfect chord. Sequins and satin shone in the night, affirming that there is a clear connection between music’s beat and fashion’s heartbeat. Celebrities seemed to have walked out of the pages of a fashion magazine, and it was exciting to see what each celeb wore. 

The Most Jaw-Dropping Red Carpet Celebrity Looks at the 2024 Grammys 

1.    Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift appeared on the stage in a glittering custom Schiaparelli dress, an Italian designer who is renowned for their stunning and unique designs. Her outfit was a work of art in itself, with minute details and an outline that perfectly matched her presence as she made the thrilling revelation. The dress most likely was Schiaparelli’s trademark boldness, with perhaps some unusual embellishments or a dramatic silhouette to set the scene for her grand entrance. As she declared The Tortured Poets Department, her upcoming album that will stream on April 19th, her attire added another layer of suspense and glamour to the news making both music and fashion statement captivate. 

Taylor Swift Grammy Awards Look

                                                                                                                                                                                                           IMAGE SOURCE: @BRIDES

2.    Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus totally nailed the Grammy red carpet with a drop-dead, custom gold minidress from Maison Margiela. And wait for it, not just any dress but a work of art made entirely out of sparkly safety pins giving off an edgy yet glamorous feel. To complete her outfit, she sauntered in these expensive gold velvet Tabi heels with that famous split-toe design. She made a daring fashion statement that everybody was talking about, which revealed her courageous nature. She was a modern Midas, everything she touched became fashion gold.

Miley Cyrus Grammy Awards look

                                                                                                                      IMAGE SOURCE: @ELLE

3.    Kylie Minogue 

Kylie Minogue was the show stopper at the Grammys and she gave us a major throwback to her Padam days. She looked absolutely gorgeous in this fiery red corset dress made of such a rich woven satin lace that clung to her body perfectly. The top was all about that classic corset style, but then the dress flowed into this beautiful sheer skirt which added a little bit of mystery and sophistication. It was a seductive and elegant look, the red color made her shine in every way. She absolutely killed it with that combination of retro glamour and a twist. 

Kylie Minogue Grammy Awards

                                                                                                  IMAGE SOURCE: @redcarpet-fashionawards

4.    Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo was a definite slayer at the Grammys in an old piece from Versace’s Spring 1995 collection. Her white dress was a masterpiece, decorated with an incredible gradient pattern of red beads that began at the top and flowed downward getting more dense as they reached the hem. This was not just any dress; it is a fashion icon, first worn by the legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista on the runway. Olivia’s decision to pull this classic piece off is a statement of its own, merging the glamour of ‘90 high fashion with her fresh modern style. The gown was both a nod to the past and a look forward, showing off her killer sense of style and respect for fashion legends. 

Olivia Rodrigo Grammy Awards

                                                                                                                           IMAGE SOURCE: @gofugyourself

5.    Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll’s outfit at the Grammys was amazing. He wore a seriously stylish sherpa-lined jacket from Louis Vuitton’s fall 2024 collection, and who designed it? Who else but the genius Pharrell Williams himself. The jacket was just the right balance of comfy and cool, that sherpa lining adding a bit of warmth to it. However, it wasn’t only the jacket that everyone noticed—his shoes were from Louis Vuitton as well and completed a head-to-toe French house look. Jelly Roll undoubtedly made heads turn and displayed his unparalleled style with this outfit. It was a true fashion statement that showed he knows how to kill the red carpet. 

Jelly Roll Grammy Awards 2024

                                                                                                                IMAGE SOURCE: @countrynow

6.    Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa was absolutely dazzling at the Grammys in a custom Courrèges gown that glittered with an attention-grabbing gunmetal shade. The dress with long sleeves and metallic texture was a futuristic reference, as she looked like coming out of the high-fashion sci-fi movie. The plunging neckline gave a dash of glamour, while the hip cutouts brought an edgy touch adding to her figure in a modest but daring way. This dress was a showstopper, reflecting every flash of the camera and spotlight at her; hence all eyes were on them. Dua’s decision to ditch her usual shimmering dresses and opt for a metallic outfit not only went with the grain but also made her stand out as an innovator in music, fashion.

Dua Lipa Grammy Awards

                                                                                                          IMAGE SOURCE: @harpersbazaar

7.    Gracie Abrams

Gracie Abrams was an epitome of class at the Grammy Awards, wearing a custom Chanel Haute Couture dress. The all-black outfit was a contemporary reinterpretation of timeless Chanel elegance. The corset top of the dress emphasized her waist and gave a structured yet feminine touch. It went perfectly with the ruffled high-low skirt that added uniqueness to the dress. The cascading ruffles on the skirt gave movement to it, and added an attractive touch; her choice of high-low hem also enabled her to flaunt some fantastic heels. By selecting this dress, Gracie revealed the eternal charm of Chanel and her personal vision with its modern details. 

Gracie Abrams Grammy Awards

                                                                                                                      IMAGE SOURCE: @instyle

8.    Billy Joel 

Billy Joel was sharp and classic on the red carpet, wearing a slim black suit that represented ultimate class. His suit was a black button-up and tie, which also brought out the monochromatic effect. The silver accent on his lapel was a subtle but powerful detail that gave him just enough shine and class. With his family wearing matched black outfit, they displayed a picture of harmony and style. The Joel family’s collective choice of black was a statement of solidarity and chic fashion, which made them stand out at the event.

Billy Joel Grammy Awards

                                                                                                                     IMAGE SOURCE: @people

9.    Boygenius

Boygenius, a trio consisting of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker made an impressive red carpet entrance in matching Thom Browne outfits. Every artist wore a clean white suit that oozed cool androgynous charisma, cut to perfection to emphasize the individuality of each while maintaining group unity. The suits were worn with formal black dress shoes, a stark contrast to the white which gave an additional touch of elegance in their appearance. The decision to twin in such an iconic and unified manner underscored their solidarity as a band and their shared fashion sensibility, making a bold and stylish statement at the event. 

Boygenius Grammy Awards

                                                                                                           IMAGE SOURCE:

10.     Doja cat

A daring and edgy piece by the talented Turkish-British designer Dilara Findikoglu put heads turning to Doja Cat. Her barely-there sheer dress was a daring pick, with structured design features that probably toyed around transparency and form; interweaving fashion to art. The dress may have had details or patterns that made the diaphanous material more dimensional. To complete this piece, her red peep-toe platform heels by Alexander Wang provided a splash of bright color and some retro appeal. Without a doubt, the sky-high platforms of her heels made her stance longer and thus contributed to an authoritative posture. This ensemble demonstrated Doja Cat’s bold fashion sense and her aptitude to leave a lasting impression on the red carpet. 

Doja cat Grammy Awards

                                                                                                                   IMAGE SOURCE: @People

11.    Heidi Klum

The famous model and television host Heidi Klum attended the event in a black dress which was nothing but sheer glamour. The strapless dress had an audacious, almost non-existent bodice that probably clung to her figure all the right ways and added a provocative counterpoint to this otherwise more conservative gown. This bodice was subtly adorned with sparkling crystals that would reflect the light in every motion, producing a glittering effect which is both striking and refined. The crystal work must have added a luxurious quality to the dress, helping Heidi make an elegant yet daring fashion statement. 

Heidi Klum Grammy Awards

                                                                      IMAGE SOURCE: @starstyle

12.    Lauren Daigle

The talented nominee, Lauren Daigle went back to her roots with an eclectic country style that revealed much about her personal taste. The overall appearance was based on a broad-brimmed hat, an icon of country fashion that probably had some peculiar details or decorations to distinguish it from the others. Under the statement hat, her outfit could have had playful patterns or textures inspired by traditional country wear but with a modern twist that mirrors how she fuses classic and contemporary in her music. The overall impact would have been both quirky and fashionable, a perfect reflection of Lauren’s ability to imbue her delightful personality into the red carpet attire.

Lauren Daigle Grammy Awards

                                                                                                                  IMAGE SOURCE:


The 2024 Grammys Awards were a superb display of celebrity fashion where stars came out all guns blazing on the red carpet. Starting from Taylor Swift’s custom Schiaparelli elegance to Doja Cat’s avant garde sheer look and Heidi Klum crystal-accented glamour, each look was a unique representation of style and artistry. These were not just outfits but part of the storytelling that went along with the artists’ music and personality. With the night celebrating excellence in music, red carpet fashion became its own symphony of styles and made 2024 Grammys an unforgettable showcase of creativity.

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