Rhode Lip Balm Treatment Available in Four Pretty Colors: Hailey Bieber Says



It’s quite clear why Hailey’s Skincare brand has reached the heights of popularity and has built a huge empire in less time. We all admire Hailey for the love she has for Skincare which has brought a noticeable glow to her skin. She knew about the level of curiosity her fans had for her glazed donut skin. So she thought to surprise her Millions of fans with the secret formula she has been using for years. We couldn’t be more grateful Hailey, Thank you so much Hailey for your efforts!

Hailey has introduced an amazing line of products that have solved the mystery of obtaining a smooth and healthy which people have been chasing for years. One of its products that recently rose to immense popularity is Rhode’s Peptide Lip Balm Treatment. It comes in four amazing colors and flavors that help in creating a glossy canvas. When she launched Lip Balm, it took the internet by storm. You won’t see any sassy girl running short of them. Out of these four, gloss in strawberry flavor is among the best-selling products in Rhode.

The brand launched this product by joining forces with Krispy Kreme and as a result, a brilliant formula came into existence. Hailey has dropped the hint of launching Peptide Lip Tints on the 28th of September and we can’t wait for that day!

peptide lip treatment

This time the most awaited Peptide Lip Tints are ready to give you a dazzling appeal with their packaging. Unlike their previous Lip products, Rhode is ready to drop those tints in vibrant-colored tubes.


I have always gotten fruity vibes from Hailey’s incredible makeup looks. Do you remember the Latte makeup trend initiated by Bieber? Similarly, her strawberry makeup trend which she slayed? These looks give an idea of how stunningly she has infused the fruit essences into her products.

Hailey excitedly expressed her love and enthusiasm towards her new launch and this is how she put it into words “My team has struggled for years in searching for the effective formula which can give rise to these four mesmerizing shades that are very close to my heart. I wear them all day long and even when I am going out with my friends”.

At the End

I wonder if the news of the launch has already created immense hype what would that be like when the product is going to launch. I appreciate the way Hailey has influenced all her fans with the meaningful collaborations she has made with them by providing them with what is best for them. Rhode’s next launch is about these four charming shades including Raspberry, toast, Ribbon, and Espresso. Lip products are formulated with peptides and lip butter that soften up the lips and give a slightly pouty appearance. Now you won’t have to work much harder for creating pout while clicking your pictures!

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