Best Tips to Apply Highlighter On Your Face With Fingers



Makeup is known to be the most powerful tool in enhancing one’s features. It has a long history of evolution. The current generation of makeup is all about techniques and doing effortless looks. Every product you use for your makeup routine, be it foundation, highlighter, blush, lipstick, and eyeliner, is technique sensitive. Nowadays, people look out for hacks that can help you look fresh and less cakey. 

If you don’t know the power of a highlighter, you are definitely missing out on that perfect glow. Highlighters have been the most viral product in 2016. People used to go gaga over that perfect radiance on their cheekbones and nose. In 2023, the hype is not that much, but still, people use it or you can say try to use it more seamlessly. If you don’t have perfect tools for your highlighter, don’t feel bounded. Here are some of the best tips to apply a beauty highlighter on your face with your fingers.

Few Best Tips to Apply Highlighter with Fingers:


•    Prepping Your Skin Well

Skin prep is the initial step in doing makeup. It helps to tone down your skin's pH levels, closes the pores, moisturizes your skin, and most importantly protects your skin from getting irritated. Get yourself a good primer that suits your skin type. Use sunscreen under your makeup if you have a daytime event to protect your skin from harmful rays. You can also use hydrating moisturizer if you have dry skin. 

•    Choosing The Right Color Tone 

This is the trickiest part. Selecting a good shade of highlighter is extremely important. Avoid colors that can wash out your complexion. The rule of thumb is to select a color that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. Don’t go for colorful shade, as it may look bad in pictures. Prefer gold and natural shimmers for that seamless glow.  

•    Using Ring Finger as Your Applicator

If you don’t have that perfect highlighter brush, don’t worry, you are all sorted with your fingers. Use your ring finger as an applicator. Our fingers have natural heat, which helps in blending the shade perfectly into our skin. Warm up your highlighter by rubbing your finger in it. Take the product and apply it slowly on the parts you want to highlight. Blend it into your skin until no lines are prominent. Dab it properly, and you are good to go. 

•    Highlight High Points of Your Face

People usually use highlighters to highlight their cheekbones and brow area. Some people prefer highlighting their cheeks, while others include the nose and upper lip area as well. If you have a chubby and round face, avoid highlighting your cheeks, as it may give you a fuller look. Instead, highlight your cheekbones to have a more chiseled look. If you have a big nose, avoid highlighting it, as it may shift focus from your face.

•    Avoid T-Zone Area

The T-zone area includes the forehead and nose. Most of the people have oily t-zones which makes it a complete no highlighting zone. Avoid highlighting oily areas as they may look cakey and not natural in person and in pictures. If you have a normal T-zone area, then you can opt for a highlighter. Make sure you don’t overdo it, as it may divert the focus from the overall face. 

•    Layer Up for Additional Glow

Who doesn’t like to have that perfect glow? No one, right? Get that perfect glow on your cheekbones by using our best tips to apply a highlighter on your face with your fingers. You can use the above-mentioned tips and then layer up to add that extra drama to your overall look. Don’t overdo it, as it may not look natural in person. Glow out, beautiful ladies. 


I have never been a tool hoarder, and I tend to use all these hacks to make my makeup look flawless. Seeing people using their hands to apply makeup is always a preferable option when you don’t want to spend dollars on a single brush. 

I hope these tips will help you in your upcoming makeup routine. Whether you apply highlighter or not, these tips would always come in handy in terms of skin prep and other steps. Glow out beautiful ladies, and let your glow change the world. 


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