9 Stunning Velvet Nail Ideas That You Want To Try



The velvet fabric comes in many shades ranging from dark burgundy nails to the elegant royal blue, which meets all of a person’s moods or occasions. Picture yourself with those fancy emerald green or delicate pink velvet nails and everyone looks at you with awe. However, forget that there will always be the charm of black velvet and, the regalness of purple velvet will follow suit. Can you play your cards and go for it all the way through using silver or gold velvet nails, with blood shed and pure glam and class? Do you have time? Then most probably this would be the right decision. Ombre velvet nails with kill your obsession with something for every occasion. That means that for occasions such as special occasions, a night out or a fancy manicure, you should wear velvet nails which are perfect expression of your style and flamboyance.

The Top 9 velvet nail ideas you will want to have on:

1.    Dark Purple Velvet Nails

Dark Purple Velvet Nails

The step that should be taken for this beautiful dark purple k shade of velvet nails is applying a deep shade of purple nail color on your nails and go for the velvet texture by using a special powder or else you have an option to add a suede-like texture too to reach the softness and texture of velvet fabric. You will the end result as amazing as you want it to be.  

2.    Pink French Velvet Nails

Pink French Velvet Nails

Having a different and unique mani is not so difficult now because pink french velvet nails will make you feel like a princess in them. Skip the idea of painting your nails a typical white tip, infact use a baby pink nail polish to give your almond manicure a fluffy, velvety, dark pink finish at the tips which is definitely make your nails pop up so much. 

3.    Galactic Velvet Nails

Galactic Velvet Nails

You can definitely take your manicure game to the next level by choosing a galactic velvet nail manicure for yourself. They give you a look like your nails are a mini galaxy. It is pretty cool to capture the magic and mystery of space somewhere so close to you. The velvet texture shows a special and lavish feel to the natural and short nails.

4.    Lime Green Velvet Nails

Lime Green Velvet Nails

Velvet nails have many different options for you to choose from but one of the best and my personal favorite is this lime green velvet nail manicure which not only make you stand out but also gives your overall outfit the unique style. It’s such a pretty color that clearly gives the proper vibe of velvety nails. This generation is all about matching the vibes so lime green velvet nails are made for this generation.

5.    Velvet Valentine’s Nails

Velvet Valentine’s Nails

There is no better way to flaunt your love for the occasion than with some ravishing red and black velvet nails, especially when the valentine day is on the way? These shades are traditional and attractive when paired with a good option of manicure that features a heart to enhance it for the occasions. 

6.    Square Navy Blue Velvet Nails 

Square Navy Blue Velvet Nails  

Having a beautiful blue velvet manicure on your hands just boosts up your confidence and overall mood because it definitely is something that draws attention of the people out there. Just go for this stunning blue velvet nails and have a good day wherever you are off to. 

7.    Winter Forest Velvet Nails 

Winter Forest Velvet Nails

The nails seen overhead are a pleasant way to enclose some nature into your overall manicure look. The velvet powder's light and deep green tones mix up together to create a pretty, earthy, and forest-inspired mark. Adorable velvety nails in this mani features trees that add more beauty to the overall cuteness of this. 

8.    Silver Velvet Ombre Nails 

Silver Velvet Ombre Nails 

Manicures can never go wrong with the silver shade especially if we talk about the velvety ones. This silver ombre nails look pretty good on almost every nail type and now can be seen trending at a good rate as well. In this manicure, the silver fade has taken away game because it looks gorgeous. 

9.    Oval Turquoise Velvet Nails 

Oval Turquoise Velvet Nails

To avoid disappointment in future just go for the oval turquoise velvet nails so that you get the perfect mani to show off your fashion game. These amazing nails mix up the beauty of an oval shape with the soft texture of velvet in all the different shades of turquoise. 


Velvet manicure or velvet nails is actually one of the very good ways to add accessory for nail art and create it looks glamorous. In other words, you can think of velvet, velvet french tips, velvet accents, velvet ombre, velvet polkas or any other thoughts. Just wet velvet flocking powder, let dry, and top coast in the final stage. So go ahead and try a few on your nails as a way of giving you beautiful nails all around.

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